Well I have probably left it a bit late in the day but today is “National Pretzel Day” and my children love pretzels in any flavour. They often have them instead of crisps as there are so many flavours available for them to try.

The only homemade pretzels I have ever baked are Sugared Pretzels which is a recipe I found in a “Mary Berry” cookbook, a long time ago. They are a nice treat for the children – usually at breakfast time but I don’t think  they are anything like pretzels (in my opinion). The children do love them though which is the main thing, so once in a while I bake them, especially when I have no milk or eggs left as this recipe does not need them. A handy little recipe to have in your repertoire when you want to make something quick and easy for the ravenous love-to-bakers. 🙂

I will have to try to find a recipe which makes these crisp knotted dough shapes so that it resembles the typical pretzel which everyone knows. By the looks of things there are not a lot of ingredients used apart from yeast, malt, salt and flour and water with quite a lot of salt sprinkled on the top. The dough is shaped then boiled (I think) before being baked. A strange method but one that achieves amazing results so worth the effort.

The best ever pretzels I have tasted were in Munich, Germany, where they called them Bretze, I am sure!! These were delicious as a snack whilst visiting the sights and experiencing the delights of Munich and other parts of Germany.

When I find a recipe which I like I will have to share it with you. In the mean time, I have been busy prepping for baking the cake for my son’s party on Sunday. I have designed a cake topper ready to print out on a fondant icing sheet with my new edible ink printer and use it to decorate the cake with and I am really excited to finish this cake and see how it all comes together. I am hoping that it will look really good and that when I add it to my blog and  my webshop  that I will start to get orders for birthday cakes – local only of course.

For the rest of today, I am going to try to finish some online work as I have spent the majority of my time doing housework and stripping wallpaper in my daughters’ bedroom. I feel like I have neglected my blog which is not a good feeling so I will be busy on the computer after dinner before the children go to bed. Whether I get an early night or not depends how much work I get done. There are changes I want to make to my blog and webshop, videos I need to edit as I haven’t added a video to Youtube for ages and paperwork to catch up with. Even though I have not offered a Friday Treat this week on my Facebook page I have still had orders to post for delivery from my webshop so I have been fairly busy in the kitchen.

My next project is an idea in my head for another competition on my Facebook page which I need to prep for but I need to get my son’s birthday party cake out of the way first. Watch this space for more details of this as it will be something in relation to “Father’s Day” which is celebrated on the 17th of June this year, in the UK.