Bbbbrrrrrr it is so cold right now and it is getting colder thanks to the “Beast from the East”. Just have to wait and see what happens but I know my children are hoping for time off school when they have only been back a week or so.?? My weekend involved no baking as I had to wait for a new oven to be delivered yesterday. So now I have the task of getting used to it so that my baking something new to see how it turns out. My practice bake this morning is a  Raspberry & Coconut Loaf Cake and a Lemon Drizzle Loaf Cake both of which are available on my webshop now. Also, this week I will have both these flavours available, for collection only, on Friday. You can still order the loaf cakes for postal delivery anywhere in the UK if you fancy a little treat as these cakes will travel well.

On the book front, I have republished the Halloween recipe book and I am busy redoing the Christmas book then I am almost finished and I can concentrate on my children friendly baking book which I am planning. It means that over the Easter holidays my children will have lots to bake with me and lots to taste.

For “Mother’s Day”, on the 11th March, I have a brilliant idea for a tasty treat which will be available to pre-book ready for collection only, on the 10th March, as I don’t think this bake will post well and I couldn’t guarantee it would arrive in one piece.  Last year, I made Flowerpot Cake, which was well received and the more I baked and decorated the better they were. These were ordered by family and friends and went down rather well. Even my own mother got a Flowerpot Cake as a present. Hehehe!! Maybe she will get a treat box as a present this year too as what I have in mind are all bakes which I like and I am sure she would love too. Watch this space for more details.

I have completed the first module on my chocolatier course, which is an online course, through Centre of Excellence and I am waiting for the results to come back. Slightly nervous but I think I have scored more than 60%, which is the pass mark, but only time will tell. I studied really hard for this assessment  and I didn’t realise there was so much to know about chocolate before you even get to the hard part. Just shows you are never too old to learn and I am really enjoying reading up on the different modules of this course. I had to do an online course as I don’t have the time to go to a college and study as the times didn’t fit in with my home life (the joys of being a mother).

I am still waiting for these cakes to finish baking as it seems to be taking forever and I have turned the oven up which doesn’t feel right at all but every oven is different. Definitely not as quick as my other oven but who knows. The proof will be in the pudding or cake??

Lemon Drizzle Loaf and Raspberry & Coconut Loaf Cakes

Eventually they are baked and I have decorated them so they are cooling but I am not going to slice them up until  I have had my lunch.