Yesterday, was such a cold day and it didn’t stop snowing which caused me and the children to be stuck in the house but it allowed me to catch up on lots of jobs, in particular, sorting out my recipe books. I have completely republished them as I have changed quite a few bits in them. The only thing I need to do now is to add an oven temperature conversion chart and a measurement chart to make it easier for all you budding bakers out there to use my recipes more easily and make the books more globally appealing.

Yesterday, I spent some time in the kitchen starting the baking orders which I had for the end of the week. I have been quite busy this week but with the schools being closed it has made my job that much harder but I have managed and I am glad its Friday now as I can relax a bit. Not too much though as I am ferrying children around this weekend to dance classes, birthday parties and dance exam. This week  I have seen the webshop pick up a bit and I have been baking for  online deliveries, as well as, collection orders so I must be doing something right on the webshop. The extra orders has allowed me to have  plenty of practice with my new oven. I think I have the hang of it now.

This morning I just needed to bake the Cheese Scones and Fruit Scones for Canny Crafty, the craft cafe whom I am baking for now. I like the scones to be as fresh as they can be before I take them to the cafe. Back from the delivery to the cafe and I have two collection customers to wait in for but I am not planning on going anywhere today. Too cold out there today.

On Saturday, I am hoping to mess around in the kitchen with a gluten free idea – well changing a cookie recipe to gluten and maybe egg free just to see if it works. If these gluten free cookies work I will share the recipe as I am not using too much sugar or fat  in the recipe and if I replace the egg too then imagine the nutrition is going to be good.

I am hoping my Ebay order for some shredded tissue arrives on time so that I can start on my “Mother’s Day” idea at the weekend so that I can share it and hopefully get some orders in before next weekend. Cutting it a bit fine, I know but I seem to have taken ages deciding on what I want to offer this year.

Tomorrow, I will be sharing a recipe or two that I am wanting to try out soon and I know I have the ingredients in the store cupboard so I should be able to find some time to bake this weekend. Also, I know my family will enjoy whatever I bake, as my orders this week have caused the children to look in hope and rather longingly at the packed bakes even though they know the answer is “it is for an order sorry”. Cruel just a bit but they understand really as I have been a homebaker for a long time now.