One of those days when you can’t seem to finish any jobs which you start so you still have loads of jobs to do. Well that was yesterday and today doesn’t seem to be getting any better. I have so much to try and do so I am trying to take a sit back and use this post to make my plans for the next few days.

First, I need to let you know that two of my recipe books are available for 99p on Amazon this week. These would make great stocking fillers at this time of year. They are both a handy pocket sized recipe book which would be great for any budding baker out there who needs some inspiration. These are the “Halloween Recipes” and “Easter Recipes” books. Even better news my “Christmas recipe book” will soon be available to buy online too. I have added a link to my books on Amazon so feel free to have a look.

Later today, I am planning on baking a few Christmas Cookies and a Yule Log for my recipe book as I seem to have lost some photos on my computer somewhere.  Isn’t it annoying when you can’t find what you need on your technology. Grrrr!!

The most exciting part of the weekend to come is that we are going to put the Christmas tree and decorations up as my two youngest are so excited now that December is here. Some of the baking which I need to complete for the new recipe book will be displayed on the tree for a photo session later. Hehehe!! Excited much.:)

Before the children come home I need to sort out my shopping list for the weekend so that I can get my shopping delivered as I have some baking to do for a customer which I want to make a start on as she is going to freeze what I bake and keep it for Christmas week for when she has her family and friends over. I might bake extra and freeze some for myself too. The gallery of pictures shows some of the bakes I need to make for my customer this week.

Next week, the Christmas shows kick off at my children’s schools so my time will be limited as to what I can manage to finish and I still need to get the presents wrapped up as I really don’t want to leave it all till Christmas Eve. With four children I need to be organised and very regimented.

Back to the list of jobs I must go and hopefully I will be sharing another recipe tomorrow. Fingers crossed x