Where has the weekend gone?

So much has been done this weekend in my house from dance class for my daughter to an annual Christmas shopping trip with my mother to finally baking four more Christmas cakes which had been ordered for local delivery at the weekend and last night I iced them all. If you would like to order a fruit cake either chocolate fruit cake or a crumble topped fruit cake for delivery local to Newcastle then feel free to look at my webshop for the prices of the cakes. You can email me at vdale@love-to-bake.uk or comment on here or facebook and I will reply with the price for delivery locally.  These Christmas Cakes, along with other treats are available for delivery online to anywhere in the UK on the run up to Christmas and beyond.  A great way to have some home baked products on your table at any time of the year using a fast and reliable delivery of a quality home baked treat. My favourite one was the chocolate fruit cake which only needed some marzipan (in the photo this cake needs finishing off with a few more decorations to be added).

This morning, I have delivered the cakes and my kitchen is feeling empty again. Now I can crack on with some jobs in my house which I want to get out of the way such as wrapping some presents. Hehehe!! Also, I need to start making some treats for the children.

I have an idea in my head for a different idea for Chocolate Truffles and as I am making them for the children I will not be adding any alcohol into them but I may add some chocolate liqueur to a few (for myself only). I will share a picture and recipe of the finished truffles when I am finished.

For dinner tonight I am making a Roast Chicken Dinner with all the trimmings because I want to make a strange pizza tomorrow for my new recipe book and it is a trial for Christmas. Once I have a picture of my Festive Pizza my book will be finished and ready for publication. In the mean time, two of my recipe books are available for 99p / 99c through Amazon this week only. Go and grab a copy as a stocking filler whilst you can. For dessert, I am making a Yule Log and this recipe will be available in the new recipe book “All Things Christmasy”

Looking at my work which I have to do on my blog and webshop I really need to find some time later to sit down and work but for now I am off to wrap some presents whilst the sponge for the Yule Log bakes in the oven.