Well after relaunching my blog last night there has been so many other parts that needed to be changed behind the scenes but these changes had to be done when the site was live. However, I seem to have sorted out all the little bits I needed to do and now I need to concentrate on learning how to use the new theme properly to get the most out of it. I love the new layout and I really don’t want to spoil it but I know I need to keep writing and with time the front will change – so here goes.

Bakewell Slice
Bakewell Slice

Whilst the site was being worked on I had time to bake a few different ideas and I have loads of photos to share along with the recipes. I managed to bake with the egg replacer and the gluten free flour so I need to work out some prices before adding them to my webshop. I will be sharing some recipes on here too so I have added links to the ingredients but I will be working on this in more detail next week. In the meantime, buy yourself some ingredients ready to try my recipes which I will share. Back to the webshop, I  received an order yesterday for some Bakewell Slice but it didn’t come from my webshop as such, but my Etsy shop, which I set up about a month ago and forgot all about. I really need to work on this shop too and keep it up to date as it may bring in more orders.

As I had an order to do, I have spent the morning baking ready for posting tomorrow. So many things had to be done though from the printing of the labels, postage being paid, to the ingredients and allergen advice being prepared, all before I can package and place the traybake in the box. I am hoping this online delivery of homebaked goodies takes off as it will keep me busy which is what I want.

Halloween Graveyard Cak
Halloween Graveyard Cake

The Graveyard Cake which I baked the other day for my recipe book has gone down a storm. I let the children decorate the cake so the only part I actually did was the baking of the cake – a chocolate and lemon marble cake. It is a light and airy combination which blends beautifully with the dark chocolate icing. The children and husband all had a go with the icing on the headstones (biscuits) and I think they did pretty well. I have added the recipe for this cake in my new book “Halloween Recipes for all the Family to Enjoy” which will be published very soon.

Well that is all for today, I am off to finish my book and find some time to play on the new blog with its new features. I hope you find my blog easier to look around and find what you are looking for. Any questions please feel free to comment below.

Thank you 🙂 for bearing with me whilst my blog underwent a transition courtesy of Cyle Design who is working on her own website and blog at the moment but is still available through Facebook. Go take a look and like her page (she has a cool competition at the moment).