Monday again but what a dreary Monday it has been. The rain has been incessant and it was one of those days where you just want to curl up on the sofa with a blanket and a cuppa. However, I have been busy this morning with bakes, supermarket shop, post office run and school drop off. I had only just sat down to start writing at 11.45am when I had to get on with cleaning the kitchen before preparing some more biscuit dough for an idea I wanted to try for the “Platinum Jubilee” bakes then I had to dash off for the school pick up.

The bakes I posted this morning were for a new customer who had ordered two boxes of Empire Biscuits (a box of traditional and a box of chocolate orange flavour). It was really nice to bake the Chocolate Orange Empire Biscuits for a change and I think both flavoured biscuits when photographed together look really good. Here’s hoping my new customer really enjoys them as much as I enjoyed baking them!!

To get up this morning before everyone else to begin the baking of these biscuits took a lot of will power but I managed to get them baked and packed followed by a quick trip to the post office to send them on their journey to the customer. Fingers crossed they arrive safely.

After school, I set to baking the next batch of Biscuits which I based on the Empire Biscuits but with a “Platinum Jubilee” twist. Whilst the biscuits were baking I printed out my “Platinum Jubilee” design on an icing sheet and with the help of my husband cut the designs out ready to add to the top of the biscuits. With a raspberry jam filling, a glace icing topping and the biscuit topper I think what I created worked really well. I will be adding these bakes to the webshop but they will be available for a limited time – to coincide with the “Platinum Jubilee”.

Platinum Jubilee Empire Biscuits
Platinum Jubilee Empire Biscuits

I really need to make more use of my edible ink printer as I love designing the toppers but I haven’t really advertised that I can do toppers for Cakes. Cupcakes and now Biscuits so maybe this is something I should look into. In fact I have really only used the edible ink printer half a dozen times to date – most of the time it is hidden under a protective cover – so I must try harder with this clever piece of equipment.

My plans for the rest of the week are to work on some more “Platinum Jubilee” bakes which I will be offering as part of the Afternoon Tea product and individually. Loads to work on in between completing customer orders that I have for this week and I can’t wait to share my other “Platinum Jubilee” ideas with you this week 🙂