Today I am going to write about my Rainbow Cake  showstopper which I made for my daughter’s birthday. This cake was for my eldest daughter and made to her specifications. She wanted a Rainbow Cake, so a couple of weeks ago, I bought some food gels, from Amazon, ready for a trial run. The trial, for her real birthday, involved me baking some Rainbow Cupcakes which the children decorated and they were a big hit.

Rainbow Cupcakes

For the Rainbow Cake, I baked the sponges on Friday and iced the cake on Saturday. As I knew seven layers of cake would be quite heavy I decided to do quite thin layers so the the bottom layer would not be too compacted as I didn’t want to use boards between the layers and ruin the idea of the cake. ( with the advice of my sister-in-law)

I made a large batch of vanilla sponge cake batter and divided it between seven bowls making sure the colour of the bowl did not conflict with the colour which I was mixing the batter with, for example, I didn’t use a yellow bowl with the yellow food gel. I would have used all white – if I had enough of them but as I didn’t I used the plastic coloured ones. Also, I wanted to mix all the colours quite quickly so that the cake batter would not be sitting around for too long.

I had four cake tins of the same size so I could bake four layers at the same time which helped a lot. Once the first ones were in the oven it did not take long to get all the layers baked and wrapped and left to cool for the next part of the cake design.

On Saturday, I mixed the white chocolate buttercream ( daughter’s request) and I sandwiched the layers together before crumb coating the whole cake and leaving it to set for a few hours. Once set I covered the cake again to ensure the layers were not visible. Next, I allowed my daughter to choose her decoration for the cake and I was hoping she would choose M&M’s as they are quite rainbow coloured but instead she picked Galaxy golden eggs. The finishing result looks very good even though I do say so myself. 🙂

I couldn’t wait for Sunday to arrive and for the cake to be cut and I wasn’t disappointed. When the first slice was removed the appearance of the colours underneath the white, pureness of the decoration was stunning. The children at the party all seemed to be impressed. I was impressed and I was the one that made the cake. Believe me I had my reservations as I thought the sponge would be too dense, the cake be too sweet and the whole thing be very heavy but I was mistaken. The sponges combined with the buttercream perfectly. There was just enough buttercream to sponge (I think) and although the cake was sweet it was not over sweet.  I had a slice with a latte and it finished off the meal perfectly.

Rainbow Cake

Yesterday, my daughter whose cake it was must have enjoyed it as she took a slice in her packed lunch box. 🙂 I am quite surprised none of the children tried to pinch a piece for breakfast but I am sure they will eat some when they come in from school.