Well yesterday turned into a baking extravaganza day after all. Not what I was expecting but never mind I did enjoy myself and I didn’t have to put the heating on which was an added bonus. I had planned to bake some Double Chocolate Chip Cookies for the children, as my son had requested some on his way to school yesterday, but my plans changed.

I made some Double Chocolate Chip Cookies using a cookie recipe which has been going around in my head  for a few days as this was the first chance I had to try out the recipe. All in all, yesterday was a rather busy day in the kitchen baking samples, cookies, a cake for dinner and some fudge.

Today, I am going to share the recipe for the cookies which my daughter described as the “best yet” so there is a true compliment.

A Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Recipe by V.DaleCourse: Recipes, Sweet TreatsCuisine: cookies, sweet treatDifficulty: Easy


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You can add whatever chocolate you like to this recipe.


  • 3oz butter

  • 5oz light muscovado sugar

  • 1 egg

  • 5oz self raising flour

  • 2tbsp cocoa

  • 4oz chopped chocolate


  • Preheat the oven to Gas 4.
  • Line two baking trays.
  • In a mixing bowl weigh out the butter, sugar, egg, flour and cocoa.
  • Using an electric whisk mix together to form a dough.
  • Add the chocolate pieces and mix into the dough.
  • Roll into 18 balls and place on the trays, leaving space between them to allow spreading.
  • Bake for 8-10 minutes till slightly browned.
  • Allow to cool on the tray before removing so that the cookie hardens.


  • Nutritionally, one of these cookies contains 131 calories, 6.1g total fat (8% daily total fat), 18g total carbohydrate (7% daily total carbohydrate), 0.6g fibre (2% daily fibre) (based on a 2000 calorie diet).

I wanted to make these cookies as I have been looking for the perfect Millie’s type cookie for months and I still haven’t found the exact one but these are pretty close. I knew I needed to use butter and some sugar with crunch which is why I used demerara sugar. Also, I needed to add an egg other wise the cookies would not be gloopy and moist enough to stay gooey in the middle when baked. Other than that I only needed flour and cocoa (as it was a double chocolate cookie I was making).  I am quite pleased with how the cookies turned out as they are crunchy but soft in the middle rather like a Millie’s cookie which everyone aspires too – don’t they??

Well I haven’t managed to add any recipes which I have tried out for the Foodie Calendar so far. I did make some Stuffed Mushrooms for dinner the other night for my husband and myself which were a delicious treat for us but I have missed “National Stuffed Mushroom Day”. Also, I made some Vegetable Soup last week for my husband’s lunch and he described it as tasting of curry but I didn’t even add any spices in the recipe. Hehehe !! Unfortunately, I have missed “National Homemade Soup Day”.I am not doing too well am I?

Today is “National Chopsticks Day” but I don’t have any chopsticks in the house and I don’t control chopsticks very well. Something I need to work on I think? Now I have put myself in the mood for a curry and rice dinner so I may make a Mushroom Curry for tonight. (pictures later).