Today, I am adding to my recipe book entries as I am intending to sell it as an e-book on Amazon. I am about half way there now but fitting it in with home life, children, school life is proving hard work to say the least. I will reach my goal though and I am determined not to give up.  My other half doesn’t want me to repeat any recipes which I have already placed on my website or blog but I feel that some of my favourites are already shared so I am including a few in the book.  I want my recipe book to be about what was the best sellers at my market stall so the problem has been deciding what sold the most. Customers  tended to buy whatever they fancied on the day. Some did buy “their usual” whereas others liked to try something different every week. I have been baking some of my old favourites so I can take an up to date photograph of it before linking it to  the recipe. Needless to say the family have been well fed this weekend and are not complaining. I am trying to separate my on line work from my time with my family so this weekend I have not done any work. Now I am playing catch up. Must sign off now as still plenty to do here.