I feel like I have been ignoring my writing the last few days. I have been so busy trying to change things on my website to make it more how I envision it that all my work has taken a back seat.  My poor husband has not had a break. Every time I see him I have another question. I feel like I am reading up on how to add codes, plugins and change layouts and then having to get my husband to finish off what I have started. Hopefully when my website is finished it will be more user friendly and attract more readers. I have lots of ideas going round in my head and just changing the website to keep up with them is proving a problem.

Back to the good stuff though “baking”. Today I am adding my Victoria Sandwich Cake to my blog and then my website. I am adding it through the Yummly button which you can then click on to view the recipe and add it to your own recipe box at Yummly, if you want to. From here, my husband will have another recipe to try and add to my new website page. If I am happy with what he achieves then all will be well but if I don’t like what he does then back to the drawing board it is. 🙁

[lt_recipe name=”Victoria Sandwich Cake” servings=”8″ prep_time=”10M” cook_time=”30M” total_time=”40M” difficulty=”Easy” print=”yes” summary=”Nutritionally, one slice contains 580 calories, 30.4g total fat (39% daily total fat), 71g total carbohydrate (26% daily total carbohydrate), 0.9g fibre (3% daily fibre) (based on a 2000 calorie diet).” image=”https://www.love-to-bake.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/vict3.jpeg” ingredients=”For the sponges:;8oz self raising flour;8oz caster sugar;8oz soft spread;3 eggs;1 cup milk;1 tsp vanilla essence;For the buttercream:-;2oz soft spread;4oz icing sugar;1 tsp vanilla essence;3tbsp jam.;caster sugar to decorate.” ]Preheat the oven to gas 4.;Line two 8inch sandwich cake tins.;Weigh all the ingredients into a standing mixer/ mixing bowl with electric whisk.;Mix till a smooth batter forms.;Transfer to the tins.;Bake fro 30 minutes till springy till the touch and leaving the sides.;Leave to cool before turn out onto a wire rack.;Fill with buttercream and jam.;Sprinkle with caster sugar before serving.; [/lt_recipe]

This cake is a classic which everyone enjoys and it certainly doesn’t last very long. The jam used can be any flavour as all jam is a tasty addition. I was told once from a customer at the market stall about how he would have a Victoria Sandwich Cake when he was little but his Grandma would serve it warm with a layer of marzipan and then jam to sandwich the sponge together. The marzipan softens and soaks into the sponge with the heat from the sponge. This would be delicious served with custard.  I have never tried this but I will try it some time as my husband loves marzipan.

I have changed this recipe many times over the years to suit various requirements, both dietary and taste wise. I have made the cake more diabetic friendly by using less sugar, actually halving it. Again I was told this trick from a customer who has a diabetic child but for their birthday cake they would make a cake with half the amount of sugar in it. I adopted this idea and when I made diabetic cakes to order at the market stall I would use this recipe and method but half the sugar. I would use diabetic jam to fill the sponge with but not use buttercream in it. I have tried this cake myself and it is still a sweet cake with a soft, springy texture. You can not tell that half the sugar is missing.

The flour can be changed in this recipe to make the cake suitable for a gluten free diet. The milk can be replaced for another egg and as the fat is a soft spread the cake would be dairy free and lactose free.

From this recipe many flavour changes can be made. Coffee cakes, lemon cakes, orange cakes, caramel cakes and chocolate cakes to name but a few. This is the basic recipe from which all these other types of cakes can be made just by a little tweak here and there.

Well I need to get back to changing my website and other work related things. Hopefully I will have a new improved website soon. 🙂