Its that time of year again when I get really fed up with the food which is available in most peoples homes in the festive season. I am tired of the endless cheese and crackers, the chocolates under the tree, the biscuits and mince pies, the roasted vegetables.

At the moment I am craving avocado in any shape or form. I love it on toast with mushrooms which are cooked in a frying pan to an inch of their life.

My other favourite thing which I have been having for tea when the children are having pasta or pizza is a cheddar cheese and pickle sandwich on wholemeal bread.

I am still enjoying nuts in any form, from hazelnuts to peanuts, and I even have a bag of yoghurt coated almonds in my handbag as a snack.

Baking wise this week I have only made some brownies which the children are slowly getting through. My husband is making short work of the fruit cake which I made. Another week and it will be gone. I made some mince pies for over the Christmas period to have with brandy butter (my other indulgence this time of year). Needless to say these have all gone.

My recipe book seems to have been put on the back burner but I will begin working on it again in the new year. It is amazing how much work goes into writing a recipe book. Finding the time to sit and concentrate over the holidays with the children around is the hardest thing. Once they are back at school I will be more focused on my work and push myself more. Hopefully, I will create some worthwhile ideas and interesting articles to share with you.