Well I wasn’t expecting the world to be how it is at the moment to say the least but it is really happening and we just have to be very careful and carry on. As I am a home baker with the webshop I am finding sourcing ingredients a real headache and something I don’t really have time for with everything else going on right now. Baking to sell has taken a back seat for several reasons but it will be resumed in the near future. My plans are to re-open the webshop once things start to settle down so I am going to keep blogging as there are so many jobs that I can do behind the scenes. So that when I do come back I will know that my shop and blog are just how I want them to be. Believe me, when I say, I have had many sleepless nights this last couple of weeks wondering what to do for the best. After yesterday’s news the webshop will be closed for the foreseeable future so I am taking a more relaxed view to my life right now.

As from Monday, I am a full time teacher/mentor to my four children who are all at different levels in their education – so my work is going to be cut out for me. I think it is going to take a few weeks for my children and myself to settle into a routine of some sort but I m not stressing about it. Don’t you just feel like the world has gone mad right now and everything is quite surreal and eerily quiet outside 🙁 The most important thing to do is to STAY AT HOME. Thankfully, I have children who quite like to stay in – well the older two do anyway whereas the younger two would quite happily call on friends who live nearby but I am not allowing them out to play with others. Fingers crossed they will get used to the new norm quickly so we all do our part to beat this virus. In the mean time, baking will still be happening as it is my therapy and I may have to get back into doing some other pastimes which I have not had a chance to do in a long time.

On Saturday, we spent the day watching films cuddling up on the sofa followed by an even easier day on Sunday – my kind of “Mother’s Day” Now that “lockdown” is here and everywhere is being closed it looks like I may need to become a bit more inventive to keep the children entertained. Amazon is being tested to the limit right now by lots and lots of people for ideas to keep the children happy.

Giant Cookie decorated by my son 🙂

Activity wise, apart from the schooling, I have some gardening to do with the children, as well as, arts and crafts ideas plus the obligatory baking sessions which the children love to do. In fact, we started with the baking on Friday afternoon, when we baked a Giant Cookie which my son decorated brilliantly. Needless to say, this cookie did not see Sunday morning. 🙂 I am hoping to engage the older children in some life skills activities as they will be missing out on so much with not going to school :(. My eldest will not be sitting her GCSE’s this year and it really is quite heartbreaking to watch your child looking so deflated and worthless like all their hard work counts for nothing and that their school life has been a waste of time.

I am hoping that with some careful worded persuasion and gentle encouragement I can steer my daughter into her A level education. Let’s just hope she can start a new level of education in September with no problems because I think she has been through enough.

The whole house seemed down in the dumps over the weekend so I am going to make the most of today, in that I am not just wasting my day sitting about. The real fun in my house is when six people are all using technology for different reasons to complete tasks that they need to do as my husband is working from home too 🙁 I feel like I am the teacher, coffee maid, maths tutor, science geek, cleaner, baker, student, doctor and water monitor right now but the most important job will be to be their mother 🙂 Multi-tasking to the hilt. I won’t be pushing the children and when I think they need a break or a change of scenery I will make sure they have it. I think right now we all need to have plenty of family time to get us all through the strange times ahead.