As March is “Veggie Month” and I’m a vegetarian – the only one in my household I thought I would share some of my meals that I make for myself that often get eaten by my husband and children too.

I have been a vegetarian for a long, long time now and to be honest with you I don’t know why I gave up eating meat and fish in the first place except that I didn’t like it. Although, I am veggie I don’t force my children or husband to eat vegetarian food as I feel like it should be a personal choice of theirs to make.

Vegan Burger, Rosemary Wedges and Tomato Relish.

As I am the main cook in the house I always try to include some meat or fish with mealtimes along with a veggy option for myself. So my kitchen has been a cafe for a long time now 🙂 as there are always two or three meal choices on the go at any one time. I think this is the same in most households so nothing new there!!

Anyway back to the “Veggie Month” and my ideas so far. Sometimes I struggle with new ideas for myself to have and seem to live on a stir fry of vegetables and I felt my meals were becoming more and more boring. So when I saw quite a few bakers and chocolate people on Instagram using Gousto I thought I would give it a go.

I chose the once a month option with Gousto as I wanted to find some new ideas to try for myself and the family. I wasn’t disappointed as there was loads of choice available. To begin with I picked only vegetarian meals and the quick meals as I find I don’t have that much time to cook for myself especially if I am busy baking orders on an evening.

There have been meals that I have enjoyed and meals that I would never cook again so it has been a lesson for myself too. One thing I do know I hate is Tofu. It is the texture of tofu I can’t stomach – apologies to anyone who likes it 🙂 Although the sweet and sour sauce was delicious and I have made the sauce again I couldn’t have tried the tofu again sorry. Sweet & Sour Tofu is just not my thing 🙁 It reminds me of pencil erasers that you use at school because lets face it we have all bitten into an eraser haven’t we??.

Pea and Spinach Hummus

My favourite meals to date which I often buy the ingredients for (or have most of the ingredients in the kitchen anyway) are the Beetroot Hummus with Roasted Vegetables dish and the Thai Larb dish. Who knew that you could use some lettuce up in a dish like that 🙂 and it is the lettuce that makes this Thai Larb rice dish honestly – alright the ginger and chilli help too. We have made hummus with beetroot, roasted peppers, peas and spinach to name but a few using this recipe as it is so delicious and so much better than shop bought hummus.

If you get the chance to use Gousto then I would try it for several reasons:-

  • as you get just the right amount of ingredients to make the dishes so there is less waste
  • it is a great way to try different meals and expand your tastes
  • loads of choices available and quite reasonably priced too.

Since starting the gousto meals I have bought new ingredients so that I can keep making these new dishes especially after seeing how much my children like the meals too. We now have freekah, tahinni paste, root ginger and chilli jam to name but a few which are used regularly in our family meals.