The last day of 2021 is nearly upon us and for some reason it feels like it has been an exceptionally long year. From moving house, buying a second car, moving schools, re-decorating the new house (which is still not finished) to receiving a five star hygiene rating for my baking business I feel that we have achieved so much but there is still so much to be done.

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Whilst everything else was going on my baking business has taken a back seat but everything is going to change in 2022. I have loads I want to share and lots of creations to try out in the kitchen that I don’t know where to start. Over the last two weeks I have been concentrating on the “behind the scenes” stuff that nobody else sees. Lots of changes are being made by myself, my husband, my best friend Cyle from Cyle Design and technical support provided by my website host (when I need them). I sometimes wonder what I would do if I didn’t have my people with knowledge to step in to sort something for me and I have learned a lot from them along the way. 🙂

This week, I have baked Cookies, Brownies and Cupcakes for Christmas Eve Treat Boxes which my customers collected from my door on the 23rd and 24th December. The best part of these bakes was the feedback which I received afterwards via private messages. 🙂 I’m so pleased that other families got to try my bakes and that it wasn’t just my own children who got to eat what I baked. 🙂 Also, there have been Empire Biscuits, Cornflake Cakes, reduced sugar bakes and lots of Sweet Mince Pies.

There are so many photos I want to share but I just don’t have the time or space (think I need a bigger computer) hahaha!! I am off to do some more behind the scenes jobs but I may just curl up with a cuppa and watch a movie instead? It has been a tiring day/month/year don’t you think?

Anyway that is all for now just a big thank you for staying with me this year – thank you for your orders and reviews 🙂 Wonder what next year will bring? Have a safe and healthy new year and see you in 2022 🙂

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