Well the first few days back at school were hard for everyone in my household. Talk about feeling glum I don’t think any of us were wanting to go back to the school routine but we did it. This morning I had to force myself out of bed as I knew I had things to do. Now it is Saturday afternoon but still a couple of my children have not surfaced out of their rooms yet. I think they may be missing the long lie ins and lots of chilling in their rooms unfortunately life goes on. I tried to rouse them this morning with a thorough clean of my youngest child’s bedroom so that we could make room for his Christmas things. The amount of noise we made between us (my husband, my son and myself) may have done the trick as I can hear movement upstairs which is a good sign. 🙂

I’m now sat on the settee trying to get organised for the rest of the weekend as I have orders to bake on Monday which need to be posted to a customer of mine. I have to take a daughter to an appointment this afternoon so I am going to re-write my “jobs to do” list as I have the tip run and second hand shop to add to my list due to cleaning out my son’s room. No point in getting stressed about it all though as everything will get done eventually. As the weather is very damp and dreary here it looks like it is a weekend of getting jobs done and spending time with my family as who knows what next week will bring – hopefully not lockdown!! 🙁

Empire Biscuits

Enough about my other life let’s get back to baking and my love for all things baked!! My plans for next week are to try and finish off the “behind the scenes” work which is taking forever to do – just due to the sheer amount there is to go through. I will get there as I am determined to complete it all. My bakes which I posted in time for the New Year or Hogmanay as they call it north of the border were Empire Biscuits and I am pleased to say they arrived safely and were enjoyed by new customers who live in Scotland 🙂 Next week, I have an order for some traybakes to be baked and posted on Monday which I am really looking forward to doing as I haven’t baked traybakes for a long time. 🙂 I have bakes to do for collection on Wednesday so I am starting to get busier which is good so all my other jobs are going to take a back seat this week. 🙂

The kitchen is clean and ready to go, the ingredients are all set so roll on Monday morning when I will get up and start baking before the children wake up just so I can get the order in the post before the end of the day. I like to bake my orders and post them the same day as it means they are as fresh as possible for my customers who receive postal deliveries.