You know that kind of day when you have so much to think about and you find you have to put some things on the back burner just so you can have a break and breatheeee!! Well the last 24 hours has been like that for me. I stopped working on the blog, stopped cleaning the house, stopped worrying about all things children related – as the problems and jobs would all still be there the next day. I had some time to myself and I really needed it. I had spent most of Sunday in the kitchen baking which I really enjoyed then Monday came around and children came back home from school with homework, jobs and different needs which I could not be bothered to deal with straight away. However, after the school run today I will spend the time with the children ( one in particular needs a pat on the back for some wonderful news I received from her teacher this morning).

After the break from the norm I am feeling quite energised and raring to get back to the writing, creating, baking as well as, running the house. I really do need to play catch up now so a late night may be the answer tonight when everyone has gone to their beds.

Christmas Pudding Cake Pops

On Sunday,  I made some mini cake pops (minus the sticks) which I decorated to resemble Christmas puddings and I was going to use this recipe for my new recipe book but I have changed my mind and I will be adding them to my webshop as an idea for Christmas for several reasons:-

  • postage will be reasonable
  • not cost too much to make
  • many flavours available
  • can be frozen
  • package easily
  • travel well

After thinking about it I will research the type of box I would like to sell them in and make some to photograph and share on here. I won’t just be making puddings though as these cake pops are really versatile. In the past, I have made reindeer faces, snowmen, baubles for Christmas treats. Bats, witches, ghosts and pumpkins for Halloween treats and for Easter treats I made chicks and bunnies. All to celebrate different times of the year and all of which sold really well when I ran my market stall. These cake pop balls would make a great teachers present or a holiday present for the family to enjoy. I have made them for birthday parties (instead of the standard slice of cake in the party bag) and as wedding favours a couple of times so they are very versatile. I will look into this further and compile a list with flavours, prices and quantities and share it at a later date.

Back to the recipes, I have found a file containing handwritten recipes which I haven’t made in such a long time. These recipes are from friends and family which I have asked for after trying these bakes at parties and family get-togethers. I am really excited about these recipes and I am going to have to make these recipes again to catch a photo of them unless I can find a photo in the archives on my computer. I will share these recipes on my blog in the near future so I am off now to bake two Christmas Cake orders and do some research and maybe check out what ingredients I need for these old recipes.