The last few days have been really busy as I have made tray bakes, cleaned my kitchen and entertained children.Yesterday, I  totally cleaned my kitchen from top to bottom and filled three bin bags in the process plus my children all had friends over which was great as it kept them all entertained. The cleaning and de-cluttering is always a therapeutic job and it has spurred me on to continue into my daughters’ bedroom today. I have completely sterilised the kitchen in preparation for my Environmental Health official visit which I hope will be in the not too distant future. I still need to make the initial contact with them so I may try and do that today, too. As I have already ran a home baking business from home before I know what to expect and I am thoroughly prepared this time. However, you could safely eat your dinner off my kitchen floor right now. Hehehe!!

A couple of days ago, I did a trial run with the traybakes,  using foil trays which I already have in stock as these are the perfect size for posting to customers as these are what I am planning on adding to my webshop. They turned out very well so I have taken lots of photographs of them. Now I am just waiting for my sample packaging to arrive before I can try some trial deliveries. I will have to make some more traybakes as my family have managed to eat almost all of what I baked the other day.

If all goes to plan I will have my homemade goodies up for sale by next week. I am getting really excited now and just want it to start. It is going to coincide with the children going back to school so there are lots of changes happening next week.

In the mean time I need to get this recipe book finished which is all things Halloween and I am really enjoying writing this book as it is my favourite time of year. The recipes I have included are fun, some are no bake recipes but the one thing they all have in common are that these recipes are all tried and tested by myself for my ever growing family over the years. Yesterday, whilst I was writing the recipes up in my book I kept smiling to myself as I seemed to be remembering the childrens’ reactions to the different treats I have made over the years at Halloween. I have included a couple of birthday cake ideas which I have made for my own birthday which is near Halloween so this new book is packed full of happy memories. 🙂

On my blog, I am going to change my recipe of the week today (I hope) as well as add some more recipes to my recipe page. On the pricing and packaging front for my webshop I had a bit of a struck by lightning/thunderbolt inspiration at about 3am this morning and I woke my husband up to tell him (don’t think he was too pleased). I will tell you about it another time and the decisions I have made along the way as I need to go and do some research online to work out what I can do to change it/ make my webshop different and more competitive. Watch this space that is all I can say for now.

Now I am off for a quick cup of coffee while I change some recipes on my blog and before I start any other jobs this morning because once I start cleaning I don’t think I will be able to stop till it is done.