You know that feeling you get when you want to try out a recipe but instead of following it word for word you change your mind and do something else, so whilst it is baking in the oven you stand there worrying it won’t work. Well that is how I felt on Saturday but I needn’t have worried as the bake turned out really nice and the trialling of a brownie recipe worked very well. This new brownie recipe is a different texture to my standard brownie recipe. Don’t get me wrong I will not be forgetting about my original brownie recipe especially as it goes well with the chocolate ganache and topped with sweets like it does and it one of my family’s favourite treats. Instead, I will use both these recipes and make a variety of brownies.

My new recipe has a lot of sugar in the recipe compared to my old brownie recipe but this is what makes the brownies crustier/crunchy on top – hardens the top like other brownie recipes. The inside was gooey and chewy just like shop bought but much better as they are homemade. I added the White Kitkat bites to the brownie mix before I baked them to give a different taste and texture to the brownies and to see if the Kitkats stayed  in shape whilst baking which they did – as you can see from the photos. My new brownie recipe has dark chocolate added to it which is different to my other brownie recipe. Also, there is no baking powder in my new recipe unlike my original brownie recipe. There are several other differences between the two recipes but all in all both brownie recipes will still be used in my kitchen.

I am going to bake some other brownies using both recipes with different toppings and flavours added to them so watch this space as I will be adding them to the webshop. My Easter Giveaway on my Facebook page is proving popular so if you haven’t liked and shared the post as well as my Facebook page then head over there and do so soon. The draw will take place on the 26th March when the winner will be announced and the prize will be posted to the winner or collection from my door , if the winner is local. This giveaway is open to UK only residents sorry.

Easter Brownies Giveaway

For today, I am thinking about how to use up some overripe bananas in a oatmeal cookie recipe where I can remove all the sugar, egg and flour in the recipe and make these cookies really healthy for everyone – as long as you like bananas – which a couple of my children don’t so I am only going to bake a small amount of cookies. As it is “National Oatmeal Cookie Day” today too, I will share the recipe and other details after I have made these cookies.