Fruit Scones I have baked so many of these over the years and I am just never happy with them as they always seem so flat and spread out to me. I am always comparing them to what I see in cafes and the supermarkets and wondering what the secret is? So I have been googling and researching which has included a lot of baking trials -many of which my husband and Mam (and my next door neighbour) have had to eat 🙂

I have tried them with cold butter straight from the fridge which is not my usual method but all this did was make the rubbing in take longer to do as I usually get the butter out of the fridge about an hour before I intend to bake with it as it makes it easier to handle.

I have tried chilling the pre-cut Scones in the fridge whilst the oven heats up to the correct temperature but still no difference in height of scone was achieved. This method included turning the cut scone over so that the squashed down side, caused by the cutter, is placed on the baking tray but still no change in results.

Fruit Scones
Fruit Scones

I have rubbed the butter in first followed by the other ingredients and yet again no change and I have added less liquid to the recipe too but this made the scones drier in texture. So the only way to get these bad boys to have more depth is to make them deeper before baking which results in less scones being made from the dough mix which in turn will drive the cost up? I can’t win can I ?

So what is the answer – I think I will stick with what I do and hope that the fact the scones are soft and flaky with a delicious crumb will make up for the lack of height to my scones 🙂 Only time will tell :)There are so many different techniques used in making scones which is very surprising as it is such an easy bake to make but at the same time it can quite easily go wrong as I have witnessed over the last few weeks. I think those scones I have seen in the cafes and shops have some extra baking powder added to give them an extra boost – only joking 🙂 Maybe I will have to ask next time I am visiting a cafe what their secret is – if they want to share their secrets that is! I am blaming it on the lack of height to the unbaked scone as to why my scones don’t seem to rise as high and the oven which I am using which is relatively new and I am still getting the hang of it when I bake in it. 🙂 Once I have the Fruit Scones perfect I will share a video or two on social media to show what I did 🙂

Well it is Saturday afternoon here and the sun is shining, the grass needs cutting and some relaxing is needed before we are back to the school runs on Monday 🙁 I have enjoyed this week off and managed to get plenty of jobs done but school is calling.