What a beautiful few days here in County Durham 🙂 Just a shame I had to be running about getting jobs done before the weekend kicked in so I can actually take a seat and rest for a while. Being self employed though is never really a job where you can just take a rest as there is always something to do but I am loving my job right now as I have plenty to work on 🙂

I was excited to get the school run out of the way on Friday so that I could just get in the kitchen and bake. After googling and researching last night about what I could try I came across a bake which I had never heard of before but it is something that is associated with Sunderland (my parents hometown) :). After a lot of deliberation I am trialling Pink Slice which seems to be shortbread sandwiched together with jam and all topped off with pink glace icing. It seems a fairly easy idea so I am giving it a try but of course there has to be a twist with me. I am using my Empire Biscuit dough just because I love making this dough and I always have the ingredients in for Empire Biscuits. The trial bake turned out quite well and seems to be a big hit with my family. I even managed to grab a piece served with custard for my treat last night. It was perfect with a cuppa 🙂

Also, I have baked some Cookies to decorate with a “Father’s Day” theme when I get round to it over the weekdnd. These are a practice run as I am still working on my writing techniques and I just don’t find the time to practice so whilst the doughs were made I have put them to good use. It took a lot of organisation for Friday and when I got the bombshell of an early finish from my daughter my plans were scuppered – well changed anyway. Never mind I am sure I will get back to doing the other ideas I want to try this week whilst the school is closed for the half term holiday.

Also I have some Cupcakes to make with my “Father’s Day” ideas on them to show you what is available to order from the webshop as “Father’s Day” is just around the corner. Hasn’t this year flown by or is that just me that is feeling this way. It will soon be “Halloween” and “Christmas” again.

Well it’s another bank holiday so I am going to try and relax a bit more this week – well with no school run it should feel like a holiday but I am back in the kitchen later today and Monday with some more bakes to get through for collection. Here comes the sunshine again. Hope you all enjoy the weather and look after yourself. 🙂