WOW, what a day Friday turned into. I had a few “Valentine’s Day” bakes to complete for collection so I thought I would try out a few ideas in the kitchen just to fill in my day. As well as baking Valentine Cookies galore and a few Valentine Cupcakes orders I tried my hand at Cake-icicles as I had bought an ice lolly mould with this idea in mind. Also, I wanted to try out a packaging idea for my Cookies as I feel that my packaging for them could be more efficient and cost effective.

Overload Cookies
Overload Cookies

For the trial packaging I baked some new Cookies – flavours and size was changed plus I added decoration to them. I am going to have to work on the webshop and make these Cookies available soon. Once baked and cooled, I was going to post them to a family member or even myself but I decided the best thing to do was to play catch with my little boy which is exactly what we did 🙂 We threw the box to each other and caught it, I’m glad to say, all whilst saying “I have a parcel for you, I am the postman”. My son’s face when I threw the box of Overload Cookies to him was a picture – I don’t think he believed I had just thrown my beloved Cookies at him. He caught the box every time so it was good catching practice for him too 🙂

When I thought we had delivered (thrown) the Cookies enough ( I’m not saying that any parcel company throws parcels around. We only threw them to pretend the Cookies were in transit to a customer) we carefully opened the parcel and my son was expecting the Cookies to be all crumbled up but “surprise, surprise” they were still in perfect condition 🙂

So from my intensive testing of the new idea for packaging of Cookies I will be investing in bubblewrap and personalised greased proof paper. Looks like this idea will be cheaper than my current method of packaging Cookies using a cardboard tray and heat sealed bags. Now roll on the Cookie orders please so I can try out my new packaging. Sometimes when you are running a small business you have to make changes, usually for the better.


The Cake-icicles turned out very well but that may have been due to the extra help I had in the kitchen when I made them – my son. He was in charge of placing the lolly pop sticks in the correct place, adding the sponge and buttercream filling and decorating the top with sprinkles. Good job, well done looking at the photos and they tasted great too. 🙂 Needless to say these Cake-icicles took a while to complete but that was due to the extra pair of hands I think?

For this half term week I have plenty to be getting on with from:-

  • orders to bake
  • blogging
  • house viewings
  • hairdressing appointments
  • doctors appointments
  • school shoe shopping
  • children and their homework
  • important revision for one daughter and her impending GCSEs and for myself as I am studying too.

Also the housework to keep on top of and just general “life-ing” but the list could go on and on. 🙂 “No rest for the wicked!!” I do have a couple of fab recipes to share with you soon that I have been working on so I will try to add one tomorrow as a Sunday treat. 🙂