Well after a busy week of baking I was hoping for a quieter weekend but unfortunately we have weekend plans. There is a tree and decorations to put up, homework to do, Christmas shopping to be done, dance class to go to (not for me but my daughter), washing and ironing, housework and then the baking of postal orders starts again on Monday with an Etsy order which is a postal delivery. 🙂

For the rest of this cold, wet and windy Friday night, my husband and myself have ordered a takeawy and we are planning on watching a film together. I am looking forward to us sneaking a bit of alone time and some catch up before the weekend of chaos begins.

Next week I need to start baking some of the Christmas Cake orders as I have a few to post and some for collection. I tried to make a Chocolate Bauble last week using tempered chocolate and after my third attempt it looks quite good. I have managed to keep the children and husband away from it so I should be able to decide if it still looks good after a week and whether I can temper chocolate well enough to make chocolate treats to sell online soon. As long as the Chocolate Bauble is still shiny and snaps well – makes a snapping sound when I break a piece off then I know it has worked. Fingers crossed on this one. 🙂

Chocolate Bauble
Chocolate Bauble

My other jobs for next week are to add early in the week what the Friday Treat Box will be as I wasn’t very quick off the mark this week plus quite busy with orders that I didn’t manage to sell much today – but at least I tried.

I have spent most of today sorting out the postage problem which I encountered last night on my Etsy shop. I think it is all working now and that I continue to get orders from customers. I started to add some more products to my webshop which I will have to add to the Etsy shop too. I am hoping to find some time to catch up on some paperwork this weekend too – time allowing.