Going to be adding some recipes to my website and blog. Just a few of the homemade goods I have made recently that I want to share which my family and I have enjoyed recently. Busy working on the nutritional information  and costings before I upload them .  Also have birthdays coming up in my household so I have some ideas to work on there too. Hoping that some readers will enjoy making them.

Also had a few ideas for changing the Giant Jaffa Cake recipe which I have already uploaded. I might even try out one of the ideas this week as a trial and treat for the children to devour at teatime.

Have two birthday cakes to make next week for two of my own children so their creative juices are flowing. So many designs have been handed to me in the past two days. I have started dreaming about them now which is a good sign. Hopefully something will stick in my head and that is usually the design I go with (maybe a few tweaks along the way).  Pictures to follow of their creations, my ideas and the final cakes.