Aggghhhhh where has the week gone as I still have loads to do. I feel like the blogging has taken a back seat this last week or two for many reasons. Teacher’s presents have been the main job followed by baking for the Friday Treat Boxes so I have had a couple of busy baking days after several decorating ones. “No rest for the wicked” isn’t that what they say so I must be really wicked. I am hoping I can have a calmer weekend but looking at the number of blogging jobs I need to start plowing through them just so that I feel like I have been paying attention to my blog and my little empire. 🙂 I have so much to write about that I think the first few days of the holidays will be spent just writing so that I can empty my head a little. Looking at the children I think they need an easy few days as well.

Teacher’s Presents – Giant Iced Cookies 🙂

The main reason I have not been writing too much is that I have been doing a spot of re-decorating – my daughters bedroom. Needless to say, it has not been an easy job as the preparation alone has taken a few weeks. Now that I am up to the painting stage – which I just want to get finished –  so the girls can have their bedroom back but even this is proving harder to complete. I am hoping that my husband will step in at the weekend and give me a push to get it all done and dusted. Once that room is out of the way I can crack on with the simpler painting jobs which won’t take as long to complete then we can start the new school year in freshly decorated bedrooms at least. As for the downstairs I may have to shut the kitchen down for a week to repaint it and the living room is not too bad considering it is the most lived in room in the house.

Back to the baking, of which I have done plenty of different orders, quite a few spares and some interesting trials, this week. I have kept myself busy and my earnings this week has doubled what it was last week. I am not sure if this is due to being added to a new business group where I gained a few more likers on my Facebook page, having regulars who order every week or just that what I baked this week appealed to more people.

This week alone I celebrated “National Cherry Day” with a Cherry & Chocolate Loaf Cake, “National Lollipop Day” with my Shortbread Lollipops, “World Tea Day” with my Jammy Shortbread Cookies ( perfect with a cuppa) and I even made some M&M’s Penuche to celebrate “National Penuche Day”. I think the Penuche is my family’s most favourite sweet treat right now and they would have loved a larger batch than what I made as there is none left and I only made it on Thursday. Hopefully, next week will be the same as I already have an idea of what I want to bake so I need to get the ideas out there over the weekend and take it from there.

After this week, I think  I have realised that the business has to take priority and I need to keep the momentum going as my orders have picked up this last week, in particular. This means the work that has to be done in the house will still get done but not take over my life. This weekend, I hope that my husband will step in and give me a hand as the sooner the bedroom is finished the better. 🙂