What a scorcher of a weekend it has been and it looks like it is set to continue into this week in the UK. Don’t get me wrong the weather is lovely but it is murder to try and decorate cakes in and the heat in the house with the oven being on is sometimes quite unbearable. My orders for collection and postal delivery from both the webshop and the Etsy shop have increased so it’s getting busier, which is great and this week I want to spend some time (when I can fit it in) working on a few ideas for the shops. Also, I need to look into how to display something to say that “no orders can be taken for a certain time period” whilst I have a much needed holiday with my family. Up until then it is going to be me working hard to :-

  1. get through my list of jobs for my blog
  2. keep the children entertained
  3. pack for holidays when it arrives
  4. keep the house in good order
  5. stock up on packaging for my business
  6. holiday clothes shopping for my children
  7. finish the decorating
  8. catch up on paperwork
  9. and at some point relax 🙂

Quite a busy time ahead for me and I am sure there will be some tantrums when the children are stuck in the house, whilst I am busy with work but as I work from home they have no choice. Working from home gives my husband and I more flexibility but the children have the reassurance of safety, as I am always there for them, but at the same time they have to realise, which they usually do, that I am working. I think this is the reason for my baking of a Milk Chocolate Cake tonight as a sorry for having to work tomorrow. I didn’t know I had to work until I checked my work emails at teatime and found a nice order through my Etsy shop. The other reason I made the cake was to add to the Friday Treat Box, this coming week, as it is “National Milk Chocolate Day” on the 28th July and not many people can resist milk chocolate. Looking at the cake I have just made (in this heat) I don’t think the children will be able to resist eating it and at this time of night it is a bit late for them to be eating chocolate. 🙁 I should have baked it earlier but in this heat I am not wanting to bake when it is too hot.

Milk Chocolate Cake

My other bakes this week to celebrate some Foodie Calendar Days are something to do with raspberries and cake for “National Raspberry Cake Day”, something to do with scotch for “National Scotch Day”, a bagel idea for “National Bagelfest” and Coffee Kisses with a milkshake filling for “National Coffee Milkshake Day”. As you can see I am planning to spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen this week, so it’s getting busier in my kitchen too, and at some point I will be trying out a carrot cake idea using sugar alternatives.

Now, I am going to spend some time working in the background as I have had a busy morning already with painting and housework so it is time for me now doing what I love blogging.