Another week nearly over of the holidays and I haven’t stopped. From baking orders for postal delivery and collection to entertaining the children by taking them swimming, to the beach and then going on a family camping trip at the weekend I feel like my head is spinning. I am finding I spend the holidays working around the children rather than the children working around me but isn’t that always the case. I came home last night and feel like I have been on a long holiday instead of just a night away. I am feeling completely relaxed in myself. So much so, that I can’t find the energy to make my daughter a birthday cake for today but we have agreed that I will bake something for her party with her friends in September when they are all back at school and not on holiday (which is the problem when your birthday is in the summer holidays). We had a great time but I need to get back into the swing of things as my husband and myself are going away for one night at the end of the week to celebrate our anniversary. One night away and the washing has piled up again. It is never ending in this house right now.

For the rest of today, a trip to the supermarket is needed to buy some treats for my daughter’s tea party (your never too old for a tea party) then I need to sit and work for a couple of hours to really get stuck in here as I feel I am not spending enough time in front of the computer screen as I am always finding other jobs which need doing.

This morning, I have spent some time this morning checking emails so I know what I need to do this week already and the orders are starting to come in for the Thursday Treat Box this week (so I can get away for a night with my husband). Once the children are sorted a trip to the supermarket is on the cards to stock up for the next couple of days.

I loved baking the orders last week and I think the choices I have made to suit the Foodie Calendar Days were rather good (pat on the back for me) but this week’s choices are even better. 🙂

My Friday Treats last week were a delicious mix of deep and chocolatey with light and airy and a bit of fruitiness thrown in for good measure. The Mini Jammy Dodger Cheesecake was so light and takes on the flavours of the Jammy Dodgers perfectly. I was going to add strawberry sauce into the recipe but it didn’t need it. Everyone complimented me on how nice it was. 🙂

The Mini Raspberry Tart is one of my newest recipes which I have shared before so if you fancy having a go yourself there is a recipe in my recipe page on my blog.

Now the Double Choc Chip Cookies are the “bees knees” as they say and are so much better than shop bought ones. I can’t remember where I saw the original recipe for these but I changed it along the way and this is the first time I have added cocoa into the recipe but OMG they are the best yet. In fact, I baked a large Double Choc Chip Cookie which I decorated as a treat for a large family of happy campers, who I know very well (as I was one of them along with my family)  to enjoy at the weekend. 🙂

For the rest for the week, the children have plans made to be with friends at the end of the week (taxi driver hat on) so I really must spend some time now getting as much done as possible as it will soon be Thursday and the end of a very short week for me GULP!!