Two of my books are on offer this week till the 15th of March so go and grab a bargain whilst you can. The first book is called “Advice and Recipes for Home Bakers and Would be Entrepreneurs” and is available through for 99p now. My Easter Treats recipe book is available for 99$ through right now.

The Foodie Calendar this week has loads going on. There is so much choice which I could bake something for. To make my list of food days I searched on line and found that my fellow food bloggers Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen and Foodimentary both had great lists so I have picked several days from their calendars, as well as, other information which I found online and made up my own calendar to work from.

There is a long list just for this week:-

  • “Nutrition & Hydration Week”
  • “National Butcher’s Week”,
  • “National Salt Awareness Week”,
  • “National Milky Way Day” (I like the sound of that one)
  • “National Potato Chip Day” (I am thinking cookies or brownies decorated with crisps)
  • “National Peanut Lover’s Day”
  • “St. Patrick’s Day”

There are other days but this list could go on and on so I will leave it there for now as there is loads to work with. I may not bake something for everyday but some of these I have already written a blog post about last year.

Hula Hoop Brownies

From this list, I have already baked  some Brownies with potato crisps – an interesting combination and perfect for “National Potato Chips day” I think and something that my children turned their noses up at but my husband liked the idea of. For the “Peanut Lover’s Day” of which I am one I would love to make some Peanut Brittle which is my favourite sweet treat. In my market days, a stall holder I knew made the best ever Peanut Brittle and every week I had to buy some. It was my weekly treat. Now that I am not at the market anymore, and neither is she, my teeth and waistline have been saved. I have baked some Peanut Butter Brownies today which I haven’t baked for a long time and were very popular in my market days. The other bake I would love to try this week for St.Patrick’s Day is Irish Soda Bread as I have never made this before so I need to find a recipe for this bake.

Peanut Butter Brownies

Now, back to the books there are a few other book promotions coming up from the 15th of March so here are the details in case you are interested in grabbing a bargain or two:-

  1. “Summer Picnic Recipes” book available from 15th March till 22nd March through – 99p/99$ respectively.
  2. “Halloween Recipes for All the Family to Enjoy”  recipe book available from 15th March till 22nd March through for 99$.
  3. “Halloween Recipes for All the Family to Enjoy” recipe book available from 21st March till 28th March through for 99p.

Finally for today, I am busy creating today in the kitchen so I am going to go and grab some photos before the children come home and eat what I have baked. 🙂