Well, it has been a nice weekend but I seemed to come down with a head cold which had knocked me for six. All I have done the last three days is sleep and drink water. It has given me lots of time to think about some new ideas I want to try, what I am going to bake this week and what changes I need to make to my webshop. I have spent hours thinking about my new idea for the webshop which is what I need to work on from today. A bit of research is needed before I add more products to my webshop and remove some of the bakes which have not sold well. Lots to be getting on with as you can see so even though I am feeling under the weather I still have to try and do some work.

The children are back to school  which is a blessing on the one hand and a curse on the other. Back to the morning chaos of getting them out to school on time, then filling in my day before I have to pick them up again.  I know it has to be done and it is all part of growing up but I am sort of dreading it as I know they have loved their pyjama days this holiday as well as the excursions we have been on together as a family.

Remember four out of five of my books are on offer this week through Amazon.com. So if you feel like treating yourself I have added the links below – so just tap on the title of the recipe book to go to the link. 🙂

I have added a new bake today to the webshop for Pineapple Upside Down Pudding as it is “National Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day” on Friday 20th April, so on my webshop, the Friday Treat is a choice of sizes for this delicious pud or cake for only £5.00.  I am going to work out some costings for some different ideas which I am working on as I want to have all the prices, ingredients, weights of finished bakes and packaging completed before I add more new ideas to the webshop.

Now I am feeling better it means I can start back to trying to get some jobs out of the way in the house but I am taking it slowly as I don’t want a relapse. 🙁  It was great to get back in the kitchen and bake this morning. If anything it has spurred me on to work on a video which I recorded months ago and to set up to record and bake on Wednesday a savoury recipe which I want to share with you.