First things first several of my books are on promotion this week starting today through There are 4 in total starting with my first book “Advice for Home Bakers and Would be Entrepreneurs” which is my first ever venture into writing and i based it on my own experience of setting up a home baking business, running a market stall and deciding when I had been there long enough and needed to move on to pastures new. I have included several recipes in this book which I used a lot at the market. They were my best sellers as it were due to their increasing popularity.

The “Easter Treats” recipe book is on offer too for the week and this is probably a bit late as Easter has passed but you can adapt these recipes to suit different occasions. Also, many of these recipes are not just limited to Easter, for example, the Lemon Bakewell Slice is available on my webshop and sells throughout the year.

The Halloween Recipes For all the Family to Enjoy” recipe book is available this week too and has lots of scarily tempting recipes to try out on your family and friends at this wonderful time of year. From Ghoulish Pizza to Witches Hats and everything in between. All of these recipes are a big hit with my children (and husband) but he doesn’t admit it. 🙂

The final book on offer this week is the compilation of all my mini series pocket books “A Year of Baking” and with this book I went back and rewrote the mini books before compiling this bigger recipe book. If you want to have a copy of the recipe book I would go and grab a copy of this book whilst it is on offer through

My Books

Today has been a baking day as I had a few orders to get through but it is only 2pm and I am finished my baking for the day. Now it is time to sit down and relax – well catch up on my paperwork and blog. My baking orders consisted of a tray of Lemon Bakewell Slice which I had to post this morning, a tray of Raisin and Oatmeal Cookies for collection and 2 of the Friday Treat Boxes which are for collection too. I had made 5 other treat boxes and I have 3 left, as well as, one tray of the cookies so I am hoping that some customers contact me today or in the morning to come and collect these goodies. My treat boxes this week contain 2 Unicorn Cupcakes, a bag of Unicorn Poop (Meringue Kisses) and 4 Rainbow Cookies. A very colourful collection of goodies for you to enjoy. Judging by the way my family have picked at and eaten the leftovers and broken cookies I would say they are tasty. 🙂 Right I am off now for a coffee and a break before I start on my chocolatier course again.