After a lovely Bank Holiday Monday, I came back to earth with a bump as I had orders for postal delivery and collection on Tuesday and for today. Talk about being run off my feet this week. It might be a holiday but I have never stopped so roll on Monday when most of the children are back to school as I feel like I need a break. After some of my orders this week, I have decided the next few nights I need to be working on the products in the webshop and Etsy shop and I am thinking of closing the Etsy shop because of various problems especially with the delivery costs. The webshop is much easier to design and keep running but the Etsy shop requires a bit more thought. I need to discuss all of this with my husband and make some decisions soon.

My Flyer for my Webshop
My Flyer for my Webshop

Not only have I been working in the kitchen but I have had plenty of jobs to keep me busy and thankfully the children have helped me with some of them. Mind you, I have had to crack the whip a bit to make the children do some homework.

This Weeks Bakes

Back to the bakes, which I have already baked this week. My first postal order was for two Cake in a Jars – in different flavours – Rolo Sensation and White Chocolate & Jammy Dodger. Both of the jars looked really yummy and I think I would have happily dived into the Rolo, chocolate and caramel medley if it hadn’t been for an order :). As for the Jammy Dodger jar I had enough sponge left to make a spare one and I was hoping that a customer would decide to treat themselves rather than my family eating it. The postal order included a Sprinkles Cake tray bake too which I haven’t baked in quite a while and I think it looked lovely. 🙂

With the extra sponge from the Rolo jar I made several Cake Push Pops which I haven’t made in a long time – since my market stall days actually. I continued in the Rolo and caramel theme with these Push Pops and then put them up for sale. Thankfully these were collected the same day which was good for me but not so good for the children who had their beady eyes on them.

Rolo & Caramel Cake Push Pops
Rolo & Caramel Cake Push Pops

Even More Bakes

Today, I had a postal order and a collection order to bake so I got up early to start my day. After baking the Gingerbread I made spares in the form of Cupcakes as there is always too much mixture for the large Gingerbread tray. Once baked and decorated I put these White Chocolate & Gingerbread Cupcakes up for sale too. The other bake I had to do was for some Oreo Brownies which I posted on the way to the bank with two of my little cherubs in tow. As they behaved themselves when we were out they were rewarded with a little icecream treat and I was rewarded with a delicious latte which I enjoyed when I got home again.

Oreo Brownie
Oreo Brownies

A Bit of Tidying and Prepping For Next Week

After a little break, I headed off to my bedroom and totally gutted the place. It is now clean from top to bottom. However, I am sure my husband and children will soon fill it up again with rubbish when they decide to discard something and think the room to get rid of something in is mine. I have been wanting to get my son’s room and my own room prepped, as in, rubbish cleared out so that I am ready for painting next week after the children go back. Just one more room to go and I am all done.

Jobs just Waiting to be Done

In the meantime, I have two boxes of photo albums to finish going through as I need to play catch up with the baby books before I hide them away for the children in years to come. These boxes are sitting in my living room just annoying me now so the sooner I crack on with this job the better. 🙂

No Friday Treat Box – Sorry!!

As I have been so busy with orders and work in the house which needed doing this week I have not added a Friday Treat Box as I didn’t want to stretch myself too much. After all don’t they say something like a “a tidy house, a tidy mind” although my house will never be completely tidy with four children living here but my house is definitely a home 🙂

The rest of the week my plans are to finish homework with the children, sort out school clothes and bags, ferry children about to where they need to be and then spend some family time on Sunday with a trip to the coast – weather permitting!!