It has been one of those weeks where it feels like I have got nothing done but in fact I manage to do what I wanted to do without even realising it. I was going to bake this week but having a poorly child for a few days has put pay to that.  The only baking I have done is a batch of Milky Star Cookies (as that was the only chocolate I had left) which I had to make because I couldn’t get the idea out of my head about a recipe which I wanted to change so I went ahead and changed them. However, the weekend is here and I have promised a fun and colourful time.

Milky Star Cookies (gluten free)

They are now gluten free but not egg free as I couldn’t decide if I should change the eggs to egg replacer or not. Next time, I will make them with Orgran egg replacer and let you know how they turn out.

First the fun part, my husband has been busy working on a crazy video which he made ages ago, in my market days, but he is changing it to suit what I do now. I can’t wait as it is hilarious but a really good showcase of what I have created in the past. It brought back happy memories which I want to share. I think he decided t work on it again as I pulled out my file of birthday cake orders and other celebration cakes which I have baked and decorated over the years. This is a video which I love because he has used many of my photos from the market, that I have forgotten about, to show off my baking skills and I hope you like it too.

There are lots of different ideas in here (some better than others) many of which I haven’t shared yet so I really need to make the effort and post about them. If you have any questions feel free to ask or comment below.

Now the colourful part, as over the weekend, I am planning to bake something very colourful and vibrant as promised for my daughter’s birthday. I am hoping the lights which I ordered arrive tomorrow so that I can make a video to show the different techniques that I will be using tomorrow and  I saw on Facebook and Youtube, that there are sounds which you can use on the videos which you make but I need to look into this further for my video making – just in case my husband can’t come up with a tune??

My paperback copies of my recipe books have arrived and I must say I am slightly excited as I love recipe books. Strange, not really, as I am a home baker.  I am going to spend the weekend reading through them to see what I need to change whether it be writing or resizing photos and then republish them. Nothing like putting a bit of pressure on is there.

For the rest of tonight, I am going to chill on the settee with my husband and talk ideas through with him (he is my sounding board/ chief taster after all).  Something is in the pipeline for “Valentines Day” which I will share soon with the prices, flavours, dietary choices(gluten/egg free) and so on.