Well I am halfway through the week and this is not how I expected this week to go. Things have just changed on the spur of the moment as I had written lists and made plans for what I was going to achieve each day but yesterday that was all thrown out the window as I had homebaking orders to fulfill which I needed to post. I managed to get those bakes out of the way hoping to get back on track today but now I have a child off school so the jobs have changed again. I am hoping to bake later today when it has cooled down a bit so until then I can crack on with some administration work.

Baking today I want to have a try at some savoury Ploughman Scones which I am going to add celery, apple (my sister-in-law’s idea), cheese, tomato, Branston pickle and maybe some ham (to keep my husband happy). All these delicious flavours in one little scone – can you imagine it? No need to cut them open and smother in butter or is there?

I will share the recipe for these tasty sounding scones later with nutritional information, changes I would make and so on so that you can have a try at baking some yourself – if you like. 🙂

For the rest of the afternoon I have some dreaded paperwork to catch up on, as well as, planning for my baking orders which I have to do before the weekend. I have already had a practice bake for this order so I am ready to go tomorrow and I can’t wait to get started. I have Red Velvet Cakes to bake and as I haven’t made this flavour of cake for a long time I am quite looking forward to baking them.

Red Velvet Cupcake
Red Velvet Cupcake

Also, I have a special Birthday Cake to make for a very good friend so I am nice and busy in the kitchen which is a good thing but it is too hot to work on cakes etc as not only is there heat from the oven to contend with but the hot, humid conditions play havoc with buttercream and icing cakes. Oh the joys of being a homebaker. 🙂