Well what have I missed the last couple of weeks. Apart from the Foodie Calendar Days such as “National Chocolate Pudding Day”, “National Cream Tea Day” and “National Pralines Day” I have not added recipes or any blog posts to keep you up to date with what I have been up to. There are new things afoot in my home life and my blog life, at the moment, with lots of changes happening so my life has taken a turn which I wasn’t expecting but I am hoping it will be a positive one that will make a difference to my family’s life. In the meantime, let’s get back to the baking!!

I have done some baking such as Peach Melbas to celebrate “National Peach Melba Day” and Chocolate Eclairs for “National Chocolate Eclair Day” but with not having the blog to write down my thoughts and ideas about baking that I now need to play catch up and get my fingers to the keyboard. The work I have done on the Choux Pastry bakes alone is a blog post alone as I have so much to say on this subject.

So much work has been done behind the scenes by my good friend Cyle Design (a graphic designer) and it has taken time to get it all completed but I feel she has achieved what I wanted with my blog. (I have been doing little bits too but with guidance from Cyle Design and my husband)

Now, I feel that my blog has gone up a level and is better equipped to achieve what I want it to. There have been a few changes to my website which if you take a look around you will see for yourself I especially like the new layout of my books page which is available on the shop page now. The books are all there and up to date with the reviews attached along with the Amazon link to each one. It makes it so much easier for you to order a copy and I have already seen an increase the number of books ordered. 🙂

My Books

The webshop or shop as it is now found using the link https://www.love-to-bake.uk/shop/ has also seen some changes such as the homebaked products can all be found under the homebakes subpage and the recipe books under the my books subpage  . I think the homebaked products will always be a “work in progress” as I will never be completely happy with it – making changes here and there- removing or adding products and so on. The main change at the moment is that I have removed or I am in the process of removing the shipping part in the process as the postage cost will be added in the cost of the product which is the same as a lot of other homebaking websites do. Also, the only way to pay on my shop at present is via Paypal as I have not got round to adding the other methods of payment yet. I may well do that as it is on the “to do list”. You can still collect your orders from my house and pay cash on collection if you want though.

I have not offered any Friday Treat Boxes for a couple of weeks whilst the website has been under construction due to the fact I needed time to learn how to use the new website and the different areas of it. In fact I am still working on it and trying to get the hang of it. Changing website providers is horrible but exciting at the same time. The Friday Treats will be back in action soon I promise!! 🙂