It is a baking day for me today. This is the first chance I have had to sit and write something about what I have been baking. I decided to make a caramel apple crumble pudding for the family today. This was one of my best sellers in my market days and is a firm favourite of mine. I love eating this as a pudding when in a restaurant. I have made this recipe up from a combination of several of my favourite recipes. This is my own version of this pudding and although I have looked at several recipes for this type of pudding I really enjoy mine and I wouldn’t change any part of it.  I use my standard shortbread recipe for the base. On top of this baked shortbread I layer stewed apples and caramel sauce followed by crumble mix and some more caramel sauce. I have not gone overboard with the caramel as I think too much hides the flavour of the apples. This pudding is delicious accompanied with custard and icecream.

[lt_recipe name=”Caramel Apple Crumble” servings=”8″ prep_time=”25M” cook_time=”35M” total_time=”1H” difficulty=”Easy” summary=”It is very important to constantly stir the caramel sauce to prevent burning. Very time consuming dish but easy to organise and well worth the effort. Nutritionally, one portion contains 902 calories, 45.8g total fat (59% daily total fat), 115g total carbohydrate (42% daily total carbohydrate), 5.2g fibre (19% daily fibre) (based on a 2000 calorie diet).” print=”yes” image=”” ingredients=”For the pastry;12oz plain flour;4oz caster sugar;250g butter;For the stewed apples;4 cooking apples;50ml water;2tbsp sugar;lemon juice;For the caramel;150g dark brown sugar;150g soft spread;1 can condensed milk;For the crumble;3oz plain flour;2oz soft spread;2oz caster sugar;3oz oats;;;” ]Preheat the oven to gas4.;Line a baking tray.;Rub together the flour, sugar and butter for the shortbread until a firm dough is formed.;Press into the tray and prick with a fork to prevent it rising in the oven.;Bake the base for 15 minutes.;Whilst the base bakes prepare the other components of the pudding.;For the apples, peel and core the apples and bring to the boil in a pan with the water, sugar and lemon juice. This will take about 5 to 7 minutes.;For the caramel, in a pan bring to the boil the soft spread, sugar and condensed milk. Stir constantly to prevent burning. Once boiling continue for a further 5 minutes. Leave to cool.;For the crumble rub together the flour, sugar, soft spread and oats.;Once the base has baked it is time to assemble the dish.;Layer the apples and some of the caramel sauce onto the base.;Cover with the crumble mix.;Drizzle some more of the caramel on the top.;Bake for 20 minutes until slightly golden.[/lt_recipe]

This looks like a very time consuming and laborious recipe but believe me when I say that it is well worth the effort and it is really difficult not too go back for more. The smell from the kitchen is mouth watering.:)

There is too much caramel and shortbread mix for the size of tray which I use as I like the pudding to be quite thick so I use a 10x8inch tray. The remainder of the shortbread I have cut into circles and baked. Once these were cool I have covered them with the cooled caramel and I am planning to cover them with chocolate. My own version of toffeepops and I am sure my children will enjoy them.

Also I am going to make some peanut cookies which I have had a special request for. I am going to try and make these as the heart shaped cookies(without the cutter) which I have still not found a decent recipe for. Fingers crossed this recipe works this time.