I decided to work on something involving Bramley apples and pastry two weeks ago but as time got away with me and I seem to have timed it perfectly. This week is Bramley Apple Week and tomorrow I will be making something with cooking apples for the family to enjoy. I will definitely be making an apple tart of some description but with a twist. So watch this space. I will be adding the recipe to my various sites and submitting it to “Foodgawker” and “Tastespotting”. Hopefully I will take a better photo for these sites so that it will be published. Since my first recipe was published on these sites and “Yummly” I have seen an increase in the number of views to my blog and website. This in turn has spurred me on to write more detailed information about the recipes and ideas I like to share. I hope I am writing something of interest and if you have any questions please feel free to comment below or email me on my website contact page.

Corned Beef Slice
A Slice of Corned Beef Slice

Today I have added the corned beef slice recipe to my website  as it is a very popular pie that I make on a regular basis. The recipe for this corned beef slice  is a family recipe which was shared with me by my mother and grandma. It is a very time consuming recipe but is so worth the hard work. When I make it I always freeze some so that there is a steady supply for my husband.

I have shared the recipe on my website and I will be adding this recipe in my recipe book which will soon be available to buy.