Oh hasn’t it gone cold quick? You can tell Autumn is here. Gone are the salads and in come the vegetable broth and dumplings, the warming homemade soups and the puddings with custard.

I have loads to be getting on with at home – not only housework but work on my blog and paperwork that I need to catch up on. The children came home last week with letters and information which requires me to buy them the relevant books in order for them to achieve their best at school. Open the purse/wallet parents again time and they have only been back a month. Also, there are a few more taxi jobs for me to do this week. More dinners missed for me 🙁  and more late nights for me to catch up on some work.

I’m loving the orders for baking right now and it is filling up my week pleasantly. Today, I have baked a Gingerbread & White Chocolate Square and a Crumble Topped Fruit Cake. The Gingerbread is something I love baking at this time of year – it is a very autumnal treat don’t you think? The white chocolate part is to celebrate “National White Chocolate Cake Day” which was on the 23rd September. The Fruit Cake is a sample cake to show you what it will look like and I will be giving pieces out for customers to try on Friday if they buy a Treat Box to be collected. I have written about my Fruit Cakes before if you want to read more on this subject.

Gingerbread is something that I have baked many times over the years and I am sure I have written about this delicious treat many times before. This bake is a slightly different take on Gingerbread. I have already tried a piece of the Gingerbread & White Chocolate Square. It is sticky, warming, very more-ish and perfect with a cuppa. I am sure it would be lovely smothered in cream or custard.

My other bake for the Friday Treat Box this week is Key Lime Tart. As it is “National Key Lime Pie Day” on the 26th September I couldn’t really ignore this one.  I am going to make mini tarts for the treat box and at first I was going to use cream on the top but then I realised that the egg yolks in the filling have to be baked in the oven so it is better to use meringue as the topping – rather like a Lemon Meringue Tart really 🙂 I have baked Lemon Meringue Tarts many time before and I am quite a dab hand at them now. Even though I say it myself 🙂

Mini Lemon Meringue Tarts

Well back to the other jobs I must go before it is school pickup time. I am writing this post on a new editor set up and it is looking quite good so far. Just going to add some images and I will be done.