Bonfire night is all about marshmallows, chocolate, sausages, chilli, hot chocolate, toffee, cake, ginger and spices. The list is endless and the night is an excuse to overindulge and enjoy yourself with other people for company. It is a way of enjoying the dark, cold nights to come whilst you are wrapped up warm and snuggley , watching the fireworks whilst sipping a mug of hot soup or gorging on a jacket potato with chilli. A brilliant time of year for all the family to enjoy. The recipes and combinations are mouthwatering and today I am making but a few for my own family to enjoy.

Bonfire Night Cupcakes
Bonfire Night Cupcakes

The cupcakes I will be making are based on the cupcakes where the bonfire is placed on the top with logs a burning and flames a dancing. My cupcakes will have the added twist in that when they are cut open they are filled with smarties or hundreds and thousands. A pinata style cupcake and totally over indulgent. The buttercream is coloured red and yellow and I piped it with a star nozzle at the same time. This gives a two tone effect to the flames. I have made chocolate cupcakes and used an apple corer to remove some of the sponge before filling with a treat and resealing with the sponge. I then used flake pieces and matchmakers to represent the wood on the fire.

Bonfire Night Cupcake
A Bonfire Night Cupcake sliced open to show the inside.

Also I am making  some gingerbread but instead of black treacle which makes the sponge really dark and has a very distinctive flavour, I will use golden syrup just to make it more appetising for the children. I will be decorating with glacé icing and crystallised ginger pieces.

The other bake I am making are brownies, which are my childrens’ favourite and I will be decorating with chocolate chips galore and a dusting of icing sugar. They will be covered in sparkles as it is for bonfire night.

Finally my caramel cake which will be a centrepiece of an extravaganza of flavours with chocolate and caramel a must for this time of year. This is the birthday cake I should have had for my own birthday but I didn’t receive. My own fault really but never mind. Photo to follow.

I have only concentrated on the sweet bakes in my recipes for bonfire night as I am heading to a party where I know there will be plenty of savoury goods to try.