This is an update on what I have been doing with all of my recipe books. I decided I needed to work on them all and change various parts of them as well as add to them. It has taken a bit of time but I am finally happy with them which now means I can move on to the childrens’ recipe book which is my husband’s idea. He thinks a childrens recipe book is a great idea but my problem is that I let my children bake anything they want to have a go at as I think it is great when a child comes up with their own ideas and I am always pushing them to change a recipe as they go in order to make it into something else. All my children have stood in the kitchen watching me, helping me and generally joining in whenever they can. The hard part now is keeping them out when I am busy baking for orders on the webshop. 🙂

In all of my books I have added a conversion chart showing the cups and tablespoons equivalent. Also   the oven temperature guide as I think with just buying a new oven that the oven temperatures are not all standard and a chart is handy when you are struggling with a new  oven.

Finally, I have changed the front covers on some of the book too which is why I have added my books are on different promotions over the next few weeks so if you like the recipes I share and you want to find more that I haven’t shared then go and take a look. All my books are available on Kindle Unlimited so you can borrow them for free form the Kindle Library.

My first book “Advice and Recipes for home bakers and would be entrepreneurs” is available from March 8th till March 15th for 99p. This book is full of advice about how to set up your own home baking business with all the different areas covered. It has recipes included which proved to be very popular on my market stall.

My “Easter Treats” recipe book contains recipes which are perfect for the Easter holidays. Packed full of chocolate as they should be over Easter. This book is available until the the 8th March on for 99p and then on from the 8th March till 15th March for 99$. So if you want to grab a copy for use over Easter then you can find them on Amazon.

My “Summer Picnics Recipes” book is a great little book for baking different ideas for taking on picnics with family and friends. There are all sorts of savoury and sweet bakes in this book. This recipe book is on offer, from today, 6th March to 9th March for 99p on Go and grab a copy whilst you can before the lovely warm weather arrives. 🙂

My “Halloween Recipes for All the Family to Enjoy” recipe book is a suitably scary book with recipes for the family to be involved in (as you can see from the images in the book where my children have decorated the bakes). This book is not on offer till March 21st till March 28th for 99p on

The “All Things Christmasy” recipe book is available from tomorrow March 7th for one day only till March 8th on This book has some great, easy to follow recipes which are perfect for Christmas.

Finally, my “Year of Baking” recipe book which is a compilation of all the smaller recipe books. This book is bigger than the other recipe books and it is a black and white book  now. I changed this book from colour to black and white because the price increases by a lot if the book is in colour. One day it will be available as a coloured paperback again but for now you are getting a lot of book for £7.00.

As you can see I have been very busy with writing the recipe books, baking all the recipes, taking photos of the bakes (some of  which need to be re-baked and re-photographed to add a better image to the books) but I will get there.

I am very proud of what I have managed to date but feel that as time goes on my writing skills are improving. According to my husband I still tend to write the recipe books the way I write my blog and should not be doing that but I can’t help it sorry. So let’s just say the recipe books are an extension of my blog and if you like reading and following my blog then you will like the recipe books  (I promise).