Yesterday, I spent some time baking to try out  some ideas for my “Mother’s Day” offer which I am adding to the webshop today. I managed to bake the different parts of the homemade treat box and took several photos of them to show what they looked like. The only part which I wasn’t happy with was the cookies which I was going to add to the box. Maybe it is the new oven not liking the cookie recipe which I used. So today is going to be an experiment with a cookie recipe to see if I can master them and my new oven. I am going to baking some cookie trials so the children will be happy. I will share the final recipe when I have baked some cookies which I am happy with as at the moment I am thinking of several changes which I can try:-

  • add more flour
  • melt the butter before mixing in the sugar
  • even use only granulated sugar or demerara sugar
  • use less sugar to make them more healthy

Watch later for my results and conclusions.


My cookies look okay at the moment but I haven’t tried them yet and the proof is in the eating. I may wait till my husband is in for his lunch and have one with a cup of tea. I used only granulated sugar in the recipe as the brown sugar darkens the cookie and does give a toffee taste but I didn’t want that with these cookies. I added less egg and less sugar to the recipe so I am going to look at the nutritional differences between the two cookie recipes. I didn’t add extra flour to the recipe as I felt the dough looked quite solid enough that it would keep its shape more in the oven. I did melt the soft spread (note soft spread not butter which is what I used yesterday) before adding the sugar and the other ingredients. The kitchen smells divine as I have just removed the first tray and allowed them to cool before removing them – very easily – off the tray. Different again to yesterday when the cookies stuck to the paper. Now the only problem is to remember the recipe quantities as I sort of winged it along the way.  I will have to sit down, with a cookie and write the recipe down before sharing it as I don’t want to get it wrong.

Now I am off to take some photos of these cookies as I am quite impressed with how they look.