OMG where to start. I have so much going on right now I don’t know what to tell you about first. There are so many plans in the pipeline that I feel like I can’t actually get a break. Hanging the washing out on the clothesline is a treat for me right now.

Several of my recipe books are on promotion this week so if you fancy grabbing a copy at a bargain price then go to Amazon to find the books written by myself V.Dale. The books on offer through are :-

The book on offer through is :-

  • Baking at its Best: A Year of Baking by V.Dale

As you can see there are plenty to choose from so if I were you I would grab a copy whilst you can. I am still writing another recipe book at the moment to add to the others but it is taking forever to get the new ideas baked and photographed so this may not be available till after Christmas.

At the moment the webshop orders are my priority and there are plenty of those at present due to the new product on my webshop – the School Puddings. Who would have thought that some school puddings would fire up so much interest but they have and it is a lovely feeling to be this busy off something that I just added on the off chance last week.

After looking at the Foodie Calendar for this week, there is nothing that jumps out at me to try and bake something for so I am hoping to base my treat box on what I have in the store cupboards. This week, the treat box is going to be a bit on the healthy side with low sugar/sugar free recipe for a cake, some healthy Lemon & Lime Cookies made with Stevia and decadent Blondies or Brownies in the form of cupcakes maybe. I haven’t baked any of these Blondie/Brownie cupcakes yet so I am planning on trying them out tomorrow.  The Lemon & Lime Cookies are from last week when I trialled a recipe. As I have had positive feedback for them I will be adding them to my shop etc.

Lemon & Lime Cookies

The cake I am wanting to try is going to include maple syrup in the recipe instead of standard sugar so it will be a reduced sugar recipe, I hope!. I am thinking I will add less maple syrup in the recipe as it is a whole lot sweeter than sugar. The problem will be the flavour of the maple syrup which is quite identifiable and if I want to mask this I will need to add stronger flavours  – I might add cocoa and chocolate to the recipe or I could go with the flow here and use/emphasise the maple syrup flavour by adding flavours that will compliment the maple syrup such as walnuts or apples. I will add this recipe later. 🙂

I am wanting to include more savoury bakes so I am constantly thinking about that in the back of my mind (even when talking to my husband or children). In fact it got me into trouble last night as my husband asked me something and I totally ignored him – he thought something was wrong with me so I had to explain. I love baking Scones and I love messing around with the flavours so I may add some to the Friday  treats  – like a sweet and savoury box. 🙂

Minecraft Cake with a personal touch.

Now I have my daughter’s Birthday Cake out of the way I have more time to research and work out what my plans are with regards new ideas to try. I think I may be trying out a new cookie idea today using oats in the recipe with maple syrup as the sugar source. Not a perfect removal of refined sugar as the maple syrup is still sugar but in a different form but there will be less in the recipe. Who knows what I will end up baking. Should be interesting though.

As for the rest of today, I have to finish adding my Christmas Cakes to the webshop as it is getting to that time of year again.