Well my “School  Puddings” are popular and have proved to be a good addition to the webshop as I have already had orders from it and the “Back to School” treat box has proved popular to. Yesterday, I was quite busy baking traybakes and prepping boxes ready for collection by my customers – some regular, some new but word is definitely getting out about what I do as a business. I must be doing something right as it is a lovely feeling when I receive repeat orders from my lovely customers. 🙂 I do love my job.

My treat box contained 2 slices of Cornflake Tart, 2 slices of Sprinkles Cake and 2 slices of Marble Cake. The treat box looked good, full of calories and I could feel the inches adding to my hips just looking at it. There were plenty of off-cuts for my children to eat as an after-school snack and there is some left for them to eat today too.

As well as baking the school puddings I managed to try out a new cookie idea using a sugar substitute – Stevia – to be exact as I have heard and read loads of positive points about Stevia but I don’t really like the aftertaste it has. I keep trying recipes out where I adjust the Stevia quantity and I think the Lemon & Lime Cookies I baked were really too sweet for me so it looks like this is one recipe which I will be trying again. My husband enjoyed them but I didn’t. 🙁 There are quite a few types of Stevia that you can buy from a supermarket and it is worth trying the different ones as I imagine they all taste different and react differently with the other ingredients in a recipe. Some recipes probably suit Stevia better than other sugar substitutes such as Xylitol so it is all a learning curve where my husband and children get to eat the trials. Once I am happy with this cookie recipe I will be adding it to my recipe page.

After the orders were collected yesterday, I spent some time catching up on paperwork – well putting receipts from a carrier bag in order of date ready to add to my accounts book (very hi-tech I know) so it ended up being quite a late night. This explains why I am really tired this morning and left the children to fend for themselves this morning. I have quite a busy day ahead ferrying children around and then entertaining them this afternoon. So it may be another late night for me at this rate.

Sunday, may have me baking a birthday cake for my daughter – I think? –  unless she decides to pick one from the supermarket instead and save me a job. I haven’t even had time to ask her what she would like on a cake this year. Not good at all really but with the chaos of first week back at school it is understandable isn’t it?? :{

My bakes for next week will be in relation to ingredients which I have in stock as I really need to use some ingredients up. I am thinking something along the line of Key Lime Pies, Scones and Sourdough Bread something or another?? Watch this space to find out more!!