Well the Cookie Pies are going to be added to the webshop and I may remove some other products just to make room for them. However, I moved on to something savoury for a welcome change as I feel like I never get to bake many savoury treats. I’m have been thinking about Breakfast Pies – something I have never tried before but have been asked to bake by customers when I ran my market stall at Tynemouth Station.

I decided to make a hand sized pie filled with sausage, bacon, scrambled egg (husband’s choice), sticky beans and fried potato to bulk the filling out. My Breakfast Pie consisted of a pastry base then filling followed by a pastry lid as I didn’t want an open pie. I wanted everything hidden inside so that when you bite into it you just don’t know what you are going to taste first. As these were a trial bake I needed some willing tasters as I find my husband/children are slightly biased or rather fed up with tasting what I bake all of the time. Also, I know my husband was the only one looking forward to these pies so I had limited tasters in my house. I only made four of these pies so I had my husband, my neighbours and my mother try them. All but one of the tasters enjoyed the pies. The one taster who didn’t enjoy the pie has a terrible sense of taste so I will put that result down to a wrong choice by myself to have my mother try a savoury pie. 🙂 She suggested that she would have enjoyed it more if she had doused the pie in gravy?? Just shows everyone has different tastes so the decision about the Breakfast Pies is still in the pipeline and a work in progress.

Breakfast Pie

The inside of the pie when it was cut in half doesn’t look too appealing but I was informed that it was tasty especially when eaten warm. I am hoping to have a go at a vegetarian version of the Breakfast Pie as why should us vegetarians miss out and I think it will contain hash browns, mushrooms, beans (for myself) but I may add egg or vegan sausages/bacon if desired? So many ideas floating around my head I just don’t know how I sleep.

The trial of the Breakfast Pies happened on Thursday but it has taken me so long to write about them as I have been busy with other family jobs. I still have quite a lot to work through with regards the Cookie Pies which includes pricing the Cookie Pies and choosing flavours and pricing up packaging. I have set up an excel spreadsheet as the prices for ingredients and baking supplies have all changed I really need to keep on top of my new system of product pricing. Another job ticked off the list which is starting to look shorter 🙂

Kit Kat Cookie Pie

However, I am now playing catch up to try and write what I have been up to in the kitchen over the week ahead and fit it around my family. Oh to be able to hide away and just concentrate on my online work and know that everything else is just ticking along nicely in the background and not need my attention. However, being a mother and self employed home baker is a balancing act as there is always something else to do.

Sunday afternoon, I have spent the morning getting washing and ironing out of the way and cleaning up the kitchen ready for the orders which I am doing tomorrow. It looks lovely and sunny outside today but I bet it is cold. I would love to go for a walk but I don’t think I have the energy this afternoon. Instead I am going to get my children organised for the week ahead and maybe watch a film with the husband 🙂