Well I have had a two hour nap – I really needed it. Woke up, grabbed a coffee and thought I better head to my desk to try and do some work. I have plenty to do in the house but it can wait for now as I wanted to share what I had been doing this week and what I have planned for the busy weekend ahead.

My whole week has been spent making Fudge and creating Chocolate Bark flavours. My husband loves fudge and I like chocolate bark (the more unusual flavours the better for me) so we have both been happy with what I have created. My children haven’t missed out though as my daughter took a piece of the Unicorn Magic Bark in her packed lunch yesterday 🙂 and my son loves the Chocolate Fudge with Smarties. The Fudge Bites are going down a treat and I have managed to hide some fudge and bark away from prying eyes so that my family don’t overeat.

Baking is on the agenda tomorrow as I have a few orders to do as well as the Friday Treat Box – which is to celebrate the Foodie Calendar.

For the Friday Treat Box I am including 2 Carrot Cupcakes to celebrate “National Carrot Cake Day”, 2 slices of White Chocolate Gingerbread (an old favourite) is included in the Treat Box as a customer has ordered a tray for weekend visitors. When I looked at the Foodie Calendar there is a “Molasses Bar Day” celebrated in the USA and as I use black treacle and golden syrup (UK equivalent of molasses) to make Gingerbread then this bake is to celebrate “Molasses Bar Day” in a roundabout way. 🙂 I will be adding some samples of the Homemade Fudge and Chocolate Bark to the boxes to let my customers know what I have been messing around with in the kitchen lately.

As you can see quite a busy day tomorrow and as for the weekend I need to spend some time with my family. A family walk would be nice and refreshing but I’m not sure what the weather is like for the weekend so we will play that by ear.

I have packaging to source for the new products which I have added to the webshop this week. I need smaller boxes for the fudge and the chocolate bark and I am thinking of adding a hamper style product eventually when I have plenty of little products like the Fudge and Chocolate Bark on offer. I have rejigged the webshop now and I am much happier with it now. I am wanting to update the Etsy shop too but I may have to start that next week. I still have the nutrition to add on a lot of the products and recipes but I am slowly getting there. This is a job which I am doing in my spare time but it is finding the spare time that is the problem isn’t it?

As for the rest of today. there is a school run, trip to the supermarket and a parents evening to attend for myself 🙂