Too Busy in my House

WOW last week went passed in a blur don’t you think? I feel like I hardly got anything done and I have so many things to try that I did the school run then came home with the intention of cleaning the whole house. Well that job is done but how long it stays clean for I don’t know. Maybe I shouldn’t let the husband and children back in the house – only joking!!

Gluten Free Baking

After being kept rather busy over the weekend with the children and their clubs and a customer order which I was determined to get right. I was asked to bake something gluten free for the customer and although I have baked cookies before using gluten free flour I found that this time the dough and the finished cookies were terrible.

My first attempt was to make Jammy Dodger Cookies but when it came to removing the cookies from the tray and sandwiching them together with the jam the cookies just crumbled. I did not do anything different so after three attempts I ran out of flour and when I went to the supermarket there was only gluten free self raising flour.

My next attempt had been decided for me so I tried to bake some cupcakes – Lemon Cupcakes to be precise – they baked really well. After icing them with lemon curd buttercream, I added a mini cookie heart (from the Jammy Dodger disaster) as a finishing touch. With the cookies that didn’t work out well – they taste lovely but I will use them to make a Cheesecake for my family during the week so they will not go to waste. The customer loved the cupcakes and gave me some lovely feedback.:-

“My Nana said these cakes were absolutely beautiful. She loved them and said even the best shop bought ones are rubbish in comparison. She especially loved the heart decorations on top. Thank you so much! X ” 

When I receive such a positively glowing comment like this (my head is swelling now) it makes me realise that what I do is just fine. I should keep on improving, creating and baking for my customers to take this business further as I love what I do 🙂

Finishing Jobs Before the Holidays

Back to today and my plans for the rest of the week as I only have 4 days to go before half term. I wish I could have a half term holiday 🙁

Today, is a catching up on paperwork, checking stock and planning kind of day for me. I have to order some more packaging, do a quick stock check and plan for the week. I have quite a full order book for “Valentine’s Day” treats to complete. Also, there is the Giant Cookie giveaway to complete (winner will be announced tomorrow).

Valentine Giant Choc Chip Cookie
Valentine Giant Choc Chip Cookie

Baking Ideas

Baking wise, I want to try out a Pizza Pie idea which I have in my head – it is keeping me awake – on the Foodie Calendar it was “National Pizza Pie Day” on the 9th February. This is a USA thing I think – forgive me if I am wrong – but I really want to try it 🙂

Also, I am going to do something with almonds for “National Almond Day” which is celebrated on the 16th February. I am thinking of a Plum and Almond Cake or Mini Plum & Frangipan Tarts and I will probably be including these in the Treat Box.

Friday Treat Box
Friday Treat Box

Talking of the Treat Boxes, I found that I sold more after I posted on Facebook about a £1.00 delivery charge for local delivery. In fact I sold out. Something I will do more often perhaps. Not sure I would want to make this a full time thing as the use of my vehicle would have to be changed to suit business purposes. I do prefer the normal method of the customer coming to collect from my door 🙂