Loads to do still and  the week is nearly over so it looks like I will be having a couple of late nights this weekend. I am trying not to be working when the children come home from school but as they are on a half term holiday next week it looks like I will be extra busy. The next two weekends are going to be hectic enough in my household with special events coming up but I will need to spend some time in the kitchen replenishing stock and baking for my webshop orders and other orders I have received.

Oreo Brownies

Today, I have already posted two trays of Oreo Brownies to new customers so I hope they enjoy them when they arrive. I am planning of adding an offer on Facebook but it won’t be in time for Valentine’s Day so watch this space for that to happen. In the meantime, it is “Valentine’s Day” next week and I have something special in mind but you can still place your orders for the Oreo Brownies up until the Monday the 12th February and they will be delivered in time to your loved one.

My plans for the weekend, which I have had to write down, are to bake some Shortbread and another Giant Doughtnut so that I can add more photos to my webshop, then I want try out the Cookies which I made the other day but make them gluten free instead. Also, I want to make a Risotto in the slow cooker, enrol on a chocolatier course, work on the Halloween and Christmas rewrites and have them in for reviewed and I want to rework the front cover of my last book as I have changed my mind and I don’t like it anymore. 🙁  Also, I have an order for some savoury bakes to a local cafe to make on Sunday ready for delivery on Monday and all of this is being done whilst in my head I am thinking about a sponsored blog post I need to write and how I can incorporate it with my baking and the company I am going to be working with who sell bakeware products. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well last night as my head is full of ideas but I need to do more research yet. ( I need to check with the company and the cafe if it is okay to mention their names on my blog yet – publicity for them and myself of course which can’t be bad).


I have found a chocolatier course which I want to enrol on in the near future but I need to check the reviews on the course before I go ahead and book myself a place. I have always wanted to work more with chocolate and even though I have taught myself how to temper chocolate there is always room for improvement and a whole lot more to chocolate than tempering alone.

It looks like Saturday will not be a lie in day as I want to get the slow cooker on early, as well as, the dough for the doughnut so I can leave it to rise all day till about 3pm (when I am back from taxiing my daughters around) then I will bake the doughnut. Whilst out with my daughters, I will be working on the rewrites of my books as I sit waiting for them to finish their dance class.

Sunday, will be spent making the savoury bakes as well as trialling the Shortbread ideas and the Cookies but I do have another idea in my head for another cookie recipe which I want to try too. No need for me to buy cookies in my house this week, is there?

I am really looking forward to the Risotto which I am going to serve with salad and some homemade Focaccia (which I have never baked before) but I have seen a recipe or two and someone on Facebook tagged “Love-to-bake”, a couple of weeks ago, so I am going to go and take another link as the image has stuck in my head of the Focaccia on the Facebook post from back then.  My family will love this dinner -something different for a change.

Friday is nearly finished so back to the behind the scenes work I must go. Photos and recipes later I promise.