Today is a strange sort of day. Although I have some baking to do, mainly for the children and their packed lunches next week, I am wanting to try some recipe ideas out on them. So I am going to be making cookies, of several varieties, as “variety is the spice of life”. Also my children all seem to like different cookies so I am going to satisfy all their needs.

My main recipe ideas are based on recipes from the “Bero” cook book but as usual I have tweaked them and made them my own.

The oatmeal cookies which are rather like digestive biscuits in the original recipe ask for self raising flour but I like to use some wholemeal flour as well as self raising flour.

This is a way of sneaking some fibre into my childrens’ diet, especially for those who won’t touch wholemeal bread. The wholemeal flour gives the biscuits a nuttier taste which I prefer. They are delicious with a slither of cheese on them as a treat. My youngest likes them in his packed lunch with jam on them to sandwich them together.

I am also making my version of a popular biscuit in this house “bourbon cream biscuits”. These are so easy to make and require not many ingredients. The fussy bit is the buttercream used to sandwich them together as until this done I will not let the children eat them. My children would quite happily eat these cookies straight from the oven.

Finally I am going to try a different brownie recipe on the children and see if they notice any difference. Instead of using cocoa I am using chocolate. This recipe uses less sugar than my standard recipe and more flour, so I will leave my final decision on the recipe when the brownies are taste tested. I am adding chocolate chips to the recipe instead of walnuts like it suggests, but walnuts in a brownie recipe would be delicious. As these brownies are for my children I am not using walnuts as one of my children is allergic to nuts. Also they all like chocolate in any shape or form.

I think this is enough cookies for today and my work in the kitchen is done. Now it is time for fun, well work on the website and blog.

After trying these cookies with a coffee I would cut the sugar down in the bourbon biscuits as the buttercream makes them exceptionally sweet. Another alternative would be to use a ready made chocolate spread, for example, “Nutella” to sandwich the cookie together. I would change the buttercream flavour to coffee or even vanilla as a variation to these tasty biscuits. The oatmeal cookies are absolutely perfect, not too sweet but to give a different flavour I would add currants, cherries or some other dried fruit as the dough would hold an additional ingredient without a problem. I would try brown sugar in the recipe as this would alter the taste and colour of the final cookie. The cookie could also be dipped in chocolate as a treat but as my children eat these just plain I have never had to do this. The new brownie recipe seems to have been a hit and the children do not seem to have noticed a difference. The new brownies are a slightly lighter in colour than what we are used to but it has not put them off. However when it comes to chocolate my children do not turn their nose up at anything. 🙂

If your interested in any of these recipes I will be sharing them on my website or I can send you an email with the recipe if you contact me on my website or blog. Thankyou for reading this article.