Well another long weekend and I hope everyone is having a relaxing time. I am making the most of the downtime and enjoying the lie-ins and the chill out time. The children are all in their rooms no doubt on the technology but at least they are not pestering me for this or that. So whilst the house is quiet (except for the TV playing in the background as I have my husband for company this afternoon) I thought I would write about the last week or so and how the baking business is going for myself.

Although I did receive some orders for “Coronation Day” Bakes there were not as many as I had for the “Platinum Jubilee” but my thoughts are that the cost of living is playing a part in this downturn as everything is a struggle in the UK right now. Also, I don’t think as many people were fully immersed in the Coronation Day and making a big celebration of the day – my family have just had a quiet time and I spent most of “Coronation Day” baking Scones in the kitchen whilst my husband did a few jobs in the house. We didn’t even have time to sit and watch any of the day’s events until the highlights later in the day. Not only that but when I look at what other home bakers are selling I think I maybe need to change a few products which I offer on the webshop but at the same time I don’t want to start selling the same bakes as others. So many decisions to make and so much research to be done 🙂

Whatever the reasons for not receiving many sales I am not ready to stop running my homebaking business as I am still managing to make a small profit so thank you for your custom. On the other hand, I have been looking for some other work to bring in more money to the household to help ease the stress on my husband but as of yet nothing has been suitable. The problem lies with the need to be able to take the children to and from school due to the distance from the school and the two buses which would be needed to get them to and from school. As it is much easier and cheaper for myself to take them then I am searching for a job that will fit in with my other responsibilities and there is nothing quite like being self employed. So home baker it is I am afraid for the foreseeable future. 🙂 I’m not complaining as I love being my own boss and a home baker so I am going to keep at it as long as I can. I have increased some product prices due to the cost of ingredients going up but I am still working on the costings as I have to factor in the energy costs which have gone up as well and of course the packaging costs which have increased too. As you can see I have a lot to be working on and think about how best to keep my business afloat but fingers crossed I can pull through as I have seen so many other food business closing due the cost of living crisis 🙁

Enough about the doom and gloom though and more about the baking 🙂 I am busy working on some Father’s Day bakes ideas this week which I want to try before I add them to the webshop. Also, I have a large order to bake for the middle of the week which I am really looking forward to baking for the customer.

Father’s Day this year falls on the 18th June 2023 and I will have “Fathers Day” Bakes available for collection and postal delivery. There will be Giant Cookies, Cupcakes and Treat Boxes to choose from plus a few other ideas which I will be adding soon. Well I am off to make some homemade soup for tea with seeded bread rolls (baked in the air fryer) for tea tonight. Something nice and simple – using up the veg and reducing the waste 🙂