At present my delivery menu method are to allow myself 2-3 business days to bake an order from start to finish so that I can deliver within the 3 day time frame. For example, if a customer orders on a Monday morning then the order will be available for delivery by the Wednesday morning/Thursday morning at the latest (I do try my hardest to deliver the business menu orders quickly). This is not very helpful if a customer is wanting a delivery spur of the moment on a Tuesday so I am busy racking my brain as to how to make the whole delivery menu easier to order from.

My husband thinks I should bake a whole load of goodies and visit the businesses which I have already been to but I feel as though there may be a whole lot of wastage with this method. The other idea is to see if the businesses which I have visited over the last month or so would allow me to stage a stall within their premises or on their carparking area so that the employees can visit myself at my car or stall and buy a freshly made treat or homebaked goodies 🙂 Something in the pipeline so to speak!

In the meantime, I am busy preparing for “Father’s Day” which is just around the corner and I have a few more bakes to complete and then I can share some more details. I am being kept busy with orders though so I have been rather quiet but I am still here and enjoying every minute of my job. 🙂 Hopefully I will have some more details on Monday about the Father’s Day Treats which I am offering on my webshop to give to the father figure in your life 🙂 Here is a sneaky little peak though. 🙂 As I am quite proud of these little pieces which were my first attempt and I couldn’t resist.

These little handmade decorations will be added to Cupcakes and Cookies (although I feel as though fathers are not the only adult to use these tools in life) but I am just going with the flow and making use of what is available. I have some ideas to try on a batch of cookies when I get them baked this week and then I can spend time decorating them before I share anymore details on them.

As for the rest of this beautiful Sunday I am off to spend some quality time in my garden with a good book as my husband and myself spent Saturday afternoon tidying the garden up so that we can enjoy it more. We can’t go very far today as we have a daughter writing an essay for university who seems to need input and advise from my husband and myself and my other daughter is busy revising for her A level exams which start tomorrow. So I am off for a cuppa and a chill in the garden. 🙂 I wonder if anyone else will join me 🙂