I feel like it has been ages since I posted anything and my excuse is that I have been a bit on the busy side getting my delivery business up and running. I have managed to get a few orders in which have been collected and delivered by myself but my husband thinks I need to bake and then go and sit at the businesses which I have visited already and offer my bakes for sale. My fear is that I will end up bringing a lot of bakes home and then create wastage but I would take what is left over to a local food bank (another avenue I am looking into). To do this idea though I would need a street vendors licence and a few other essentials which I have been researching but made no decisions on yet. So there is a lot going on right now but I am getting there slowly.

In the mean time I have been spending my time getting jobs out of the way, researching and planning. I’m so glad we have a long weekend ahead as I feel I really need it right now. Today, I am aiming to get a few odd jobs out of the way so I can just chill out a bit over the weekend with my family but I will still have work to do as it is never ending.

First job is to work on the admin side of my business whilst the house is quiet as having the children at home when the school is closed for teachers strikes is a lot harder than you think it will be when they are all wanting your attention (even the teenagers). Yesterday was a long day and I don’t think my husband enjoyed the experience at all. 🙂 I had to put off a trial bake which I wanted to try out because of the homeschooling yesterday so I am going to try again tonight or tomorrow when I get round to it which involves cookie dough, caramel, chocolate and biscoff sauce and biscuits I think?. I have been dreaming about this idea for a few nights now so I need to get it out of my head as I don’t know if it is a craving or a premonition that I am having but hey ho I now think I know how I want to make it into reality. Watch this space!!

Next week is going to be a busy one with orders for “Coronation Day” bakes being baked for postal delivery and collection. There will be a few mixed boxes of Mini Cheesecakes, Mixed Berry Shortcakes and “Coronation Day” Empire Biscuits available for collection on Friday 7th May 2023 if any one would like to grab a last minute treat but more details will be coming later on this one. Combined with it being a shorter week I am going to have my work cut out for me so I must go into next week full of energy. 🙂

I’m hoping this weekend to have the other half’s knowledge to finish a few tweaks to my website for me that I haven’t had the time to look at nor have my clever friend from “Cyle Design” work on with me due to there not being enough hours in the day. Sometimes I wish that all I had to do was work on Love-to-bake.uk but then my back would constantly be aching as sitting at a laptop and being on my feet in the kitchen baking all day is hard work so I am glad of the distraction of family life but I do love the baking side of the job 🙂

Here’s to everyone having a lovely bank holiday weekend (first one of several in May 2023) and catch up next week I promise. Remember the “Coronation Day” order book closes on the 30th April 2023 if you are wanting to order anything for collection or postal delivery to enjoy over the “Coronation Day” bank holiday weekend with family and friends then visit https://www.love-to-bake.uk/product…/coronation-day-bakes/ for more details. Thank you 🙂